The free stuff is rolling in

Yes indeed the free stuff is rolling in. I was offered the below today. Definitely loving the green shelves. Not sure how big they are but they have potential! Once I see them in person then I'll know what to do with them... Other than cleaning them up a bit. Looks like they've been sitting somewhere dirty the last while!

I'm going to pass on the white shelf. It's a bit boring and not sure it's worth my time.

And other than updating my wood pallet in my woodworking class, I'm making a few things for friends. I'm all about sharing the TBD love!

I finished sewing up my pillow cover this afternoon. Another project done. Phew! I have a few outstanding projects but I'm getting there.

I used baby blue thread for the stitching. Next step is to give it to my yoga buddy. Hopefully she likes it!

I'm also stenciling some corkboards for my friend Thelma... Finally! I've been meaning to get the stenciling done for awhile. This is the design we decided on. Once I print out the design then it should be easy peasy to get these done.

Other creative adventures include hitting the Eastside Cultural Crawl tonight and Sunday. Here's to checking out some studios and getting inspired!

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