DIY & the single girl

Here I am updating, refinishing, DIY-ing... Quite the modern gal... Most things are easy peasy and then there are those things that are so not me. Hanging uber heavy mirrors I've decided really sucks... Or just isn't fun. Especially when you gotta do it on your own.

Last weekend I wanted to get a couple of mirror updates hung. I decided to move things around a bit then my Dad came over and we had some father/daughter time. Our quality time together is either him helping me hang stuff or me helping him with computer stuff.

Here are the mirrors Dad helped me hang. One for the area between my bedroom and bathroom, one for my living room/office and one for my bedroom.

I was going to hang this one above my bed but then decided to hang it between my dresser and side table.

I desperately needed something to jazz up this space...

First we got some wire from a framing shop and then some heavy duty picture hangers. We were good to go! Here's mirror #1 hung...

And mirror #2 hung...

And yay! Mirror #3 hung...

Feels great to have the mirrors finally up on my walls and not on the floor! There will be no more mirror updates for a bit. How many mirrors can a girl fit into a 1 bedroom suite? I'm getting close to 5 medium to large sized mirrors... Eh gad that's gotta be enough!

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