The beginning of something great... Or so I hope!

What a week it's been! Too much work, too much play and not enough DIY-ing. But last night I picked up the wood pallets I'll be using for my woodworking project. The pallets came to me via Twitter. Ashley at Sprout Vegan Bakery had a couple from her industrial kitchen reno. She's setting up a bakery in Langley and lucky me I got some wood pallets. And I'm sure she was happy someone took them off her hands!

Kind of an odd evening... I met her at her place in East Vancouver. There I was in this dark alley ripping apart this pallet since it would not fit in my car. The topper was I injured myself... In the dark, ripping apart the pallet and then bang... The hammer hit my lip and then there was some bleeding. Eh gad such a clutz!

At first the nails were brutal but then once I got a few out then I was on a roll. There were atleast 40 nails...

And here was my saviour in the process - my Dad's crowbar. Boy those things make you feel like a thug. Or atleast I felt like a thug. This sucker helped me tear apart the pallet in no time!

Here's the pallet that I took apart and the other pallets I still need to dismantle.

Tomorrow I need to take these 2 by 4s apart... Yup more nail removal... Fun!

And then I'll take the other pallet apart. I want to have them all prepped for my class on Saturday morning.

I think I have all of the items I want to use for my project. Here are the 4 table legs...

And my bag of renmant vinyl from work - this is for the stenciling.

Here are my preliminary sketches... I gave up on SketchUp. I may try again but for now I just wanted to play with some ideas. First I thought I would create a bench for the end of bed to store towels and blankets. Now I want to make an open cabinet with basic shelves for my bathroom.

Before class on Saturday I need to refine my idea - figure out dimensions and how all the pieces will connect, etc.

Here's to an exciting class full of power tools, glue and anything else that may happen!

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