This weekend's project - my freebie mirror

Here's the free mirror that was donated to TBD this week by my coworker Lynn. It's 27" by 33" - definitely big and heavy! Lynn added silver leaf to the frame. I'm wondering if I should just soften the silver leaf with a light coat of off-white or paint. Or completely paint over it, etc.

I definitely want to paint over the gold spots!

Hopefully I can work on this maybe Sunday or Monday. I also need to come up with a project to donate to the United Way Campaign at work. We usually have an auction that I've donated projects to the past 2 years. I might make something specifically for the auction or worse case scenario I can donate something I already have in stock. We'll see!


  1. I love this! I was looking for inspiration on upcycling an old golden mirror. I'm going to paint with a metallic silver, and use silver leaf to bring out details only. Can't wait to try that! Thanks for this post :)

    1. Thanks Robert! Hope your project goes well. I LOVE my freebie mirror. And it was such an easy peasy update. Yay! :-)