Power tools are da bomb

This Saturday was class 1 of 6 of my intro woodworking course at the Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre. To say I am super pumped about the course is an under statement. And the best part is I think I know what I want to make and I definitely want to use some 'salvaged' / 'repurposed' materials.

Class 1 included a rundown of the course, the studio and our in-class project. We even got to use some of the power tools. Yay!

Each of us gets a piece of wood to cut up and make into 'something' as part of the cost of the course. The wood is OK. I'll definitely use it but will incorporate other materials into my project.

Our instructor gave us the rundown on each of the tools available then we got to test out a couple of the power tools.

Here's my best buddy Mike using the saw. We both had a great time and have big plans for our projects!

And here we are just darn happy and excited about using the tools, etc. And yes I still have all of my fingers... I can't tell you how many friends were worried about me cutting off a finger or something. Gesh I'm clutsy but not that clutsy! ;-)

Someone from a previous course left their unfinished project in the studio. This is an example of what I could make but really I'm gonna make something one of a kind. I could buy something like this at Canadian Tire, etc if I wanted. I'm going all out on my project!

Our instructor suggested using Google's SketchUp to come up with a 3D plan of our proposed project. This is the plan Mike whipped up. I still need to sketch mine out.

I'd like to incorporate these table legs I found at the Sechelt dump last summer. I'll use four of them then have the other four for another project.

I'll sketch out my plan for my project this week. I want something unique that I know I'll keep and use. I'm thinking of making a storage bench to put at the end of my bed. Materials for my project include the wood that is supplied by the course, my table legs and I think I'm going to use salvaged wood pieces for the sides. I could glue a bunch of remnant pieces of wood to make one large panel. I also thought I would paint part of my project and/or do some stenciling. Big plans!

Notice the lovely new throw I have on my bed. This is from my Mom all the way from Ireland. Love it!

Earth Day Canada's 2011 Upcycling Challenge

I'm hoping my project will be done in time so I can enter it into the Earth Day Canada's 2011 Upcycling Challenge. If not then I can enter another project but this would be a perfect piece for the challenge.

Check out the video they created explaining what upcycling is...


  1. Woodworking class, I want to sign up for one too! Thanks for sharing info about the Upcycling Challenge!

  2. I'm so glad I signed up... It's been a lot of fun! Happy to share the info about the Upcycling Challenge. :-)

  3. Great tools thanks for the information about upcycling challenge. Can you please name the wood router you have used in this project. Or suggest me other best wood routers. Thanks

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