'(owl) be yours always'

After a minor mishap I finished up my '(owl) be yours always' pillow cover for the United Way auction at work. Sometimes I feel like I'm in neutral where you do something automatically then realize it's not how you wanted to do it. Case in point - I sewed up my pillow cover with the edges folded in when I wanted them showing along with the stitching.

When I make my felt applique pillow covers, I like having a 'rough' (aka handmade) finish to them. I used a bright orange thread for stitching up the cover.

After I finished up the sewing then inserted the pillow form, I decided to add a detail to the back of the pillow cover. I picked out this orange flower button to use on the back along with some grey cord.

I used my bright orange thread to adhere the grey cord then added the button. The pillow cover is done and has been dropped off at work!

Project Update

Slowly but surely I'm finding stuff for my frames. I decided to use some old photos of my parents and then one of me for 3 of my frame updates.

Here's my Dad looking as kewl as can be. This was taken when my parents were dating way back in the day... Nearly 45 years ago! Yikes!

This is the frame I'll add the photo to...

Here's my Mom from the same day along with the frame I'm adding her photo to. Quite the happenin' couple!

And this is an old photo of me from when I was a partner in a web & print design company... Smelling the flowers... Kind of cheesy but fun. I'm going to trim it and add it to my latest frame update.

I scanned the photos then got them printed at London Drugs. I'll be picking the prints up tomorrow morning then I can finish up my mirror update. I am so excited to finish the mirror and hang it!


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