One of those I love Vancouver days...

Another inspiring day of checking out hot spots in Vancouver. Definitely feeling the love for Vancouver today! And definitely loving my extended long weekend... Thursday, Friday and Monday are fun days for me and then there's the weekend! Thankfully I'm having a mini lull with my freelance work right now.

First stop was Nelson the Seagull in Gastown for lunch with my buddy Mike. OMG I had the yummiest sandwich ever. It was on par with Meat & Bread - another great lunch spot in Gastown. Great decor, yummy food!

Afterwards we walked to Yaletown so Mike could go back to work. Then I checked out some of the home decor shops. Love The Cross Decor & Design at 1198 Homer Street! They had a few things I would consider buying but mainly I like to look at stuff for ideas.

They had some fun prints. I really need to find photos and design prints for my wall of frames. The frames look good but they're still empty!

They had some super cute paintings too... This one in particular is lovely! It's hiding in the back - it has a bird with 'chirp' in a talk bubble.

I ended up walking by Raw Canvas in Yaletown. It's a lounge, wine bar and art studio at 1046 Hamilton Street. Love the concept so maybe one night I can go with friends for some red wine and art making!

Next stop was Liberty at 1062 Homer Street.

I found a few things that got me thinking. Today I noticed lots of big mirrors with ornate frames. At Nelson the Seagull and The Cross Decor & Design they had mirrors with white ornate frames. I found one at Liberty with a grey frame. I'm curious about the colour since I acquired a free mirror this week with a lovely ornate frame but I'm not sure what colour to paint it. I'm hoping to refinish it this weekend and I even have a spot for it!

This small frame had a distressed grey finish... Not sure if I should go for a solid or distressed finish for my free mirror. I'll post a photo of the free mirror tomorrow. Right now it's in my car until I'm able to update it.

This is where I plan to hang it although I haven't measured it or even had a good look at it. I'm hoping it fits above my cabinet.

Tomorrow I'll finish up these frames...

I went with a turquoise finish for this frame. I wiped the paint away to bring out the detail in the frame. Once I varathane the frame this should look lovely!

And the big news... I added my hinges to the stool!

I got a bit intense about having the hinges screwed in perfectly but I think I did OK... After all the work I did, I didn't want to mess it up with the final task! Hinges are good to go... A coat of varathane then it's a done deal.

I thought of covering up the upholstery tacks on the inside but really whose going to see the inside other than me?! I guess I can still cover it up down the road but for now it's looking A-OK!

Off to yoga now... It's going to be a FABULOUS super long weekend!

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