A kick butt kind of weekend

Well it was Thanksgiving weekend and it was super fabulous - hikes, yummy food, great friends and family, some DIY time, etc, etc, etc. I feel full of gratitude that's fer sure.

On Friday, I finished up my stool update and a couple of frame updates. Next weekend I hope to hang my latest and greatest frame updates plus start on some new projects.

This weekend I started on a pillow cover. I decided to whip up a pillow cover to donate to work's Unity Way auction. The past couple of years I've donated a crafty item to the auction so now it's a tradition.

First step was to come up with a draft design. I decided to go with a wool pillow cover with a felt applique image plus text. I went with an owl and heart then added a script. I used an owl to mean 'I'll' so the text was 'I'll (aka owl) always love you'.

Next I cut out my felt pieces then pinned them to the wool...

Then I stitched the felt pieces...

I think the pillow cover is starting to look uber cute - just need to add the text!

I printed out a few options... Not sure what I'll choose but once I add the text then I can sew up the pillow cover and be done!

After working on my pillow cover, I decided to work on the free mirror update.

Loved the silver leaf but it was a teeny tiny bit intense...

So what's a girl to do?! Well I decided to keep the silver leaf but soften it. A touch of off-white paint on top, a bit of rubbing the paint off to 'reveal' the silver underneath and now it's starting to looking pretty darn fine.

Wait until you see the final mirror update... I finished up the decorative part of the frame update yesterday afternoon. I'll add the final touches next weekend then it'll be done. The only work I need to is tweek the paint along the sides of the frame then add a coat of varathane.


Here's what I have to finish up next weekend. I'm making the sides of the frame a solid off-white. At first I decided to do this to cover up the gold and now I just think it makes all the difference.

It's looking darn elegant. Can't wait until it's done and I can hang it! It's one gorgeous mirror for free... This update probably cost me a couple of bucks in materials. What a deal!

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