Got me one FAB mirror - YAY!

My mirror update is done! I am so happy with it... A free mirror that looks uber FAB - lucky me! And it was a super easy update to boot.


Yesterday I scraped off the silver leaf that was on the mirror. I tracked down a sharp blade then got some paper towels and Windex and then I started cleaning up the mirror.

It's not perfect so I may try again later.

Here's the final update. The best decision was to make the sides of the mirror a solid off-white. I think the mirror is looking very sophisticated. Love the softer silver finish!

As I was waiting for the paint to dry on my mirror update, I took out this wall hanging from ages ago.

I shabby chic-ed the finish then added a coat of varathane. I then primed the middle area in the hopes of adding some chalkboard paint to it. No joy - my chalkboard paint is all mucked up so I need a new can. Ah well I'll grab some soon enough and maybe try to find other potential chalkboard paint projects so I don't end up wasting it again.

Project Update

Yesterday I picked up my prints from London Drugs. I added them to my frames. Yay!

I have to hang this frame... Not sure where to place it on my wall but for now I have a photo in it. Only 5 frames to add photos and/or prints to!

And this is where I plan to hang my mirror update. I was going to hang it horizontally but now I think I should hang it vertically. The hanging will be a father/daughter event since we'll need to use Dad's stud finder.

DIY and the single girl... I tell ya thank god for my 70 year old Dad to help me hang things!

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