Crafty Fridays rock!

Today I broke out my can of varathane and went to town! I varathaned a couple of frame updates and then I finished up my stool update. It looks GORGEOUS!

Here's the final update in my entrance way. This is a keeper!

I'm having a crafty Friday which is great! Soon I'll be heading out to go thrifting and meet up with a friend but I got stuff done this morning! Yay!

I put all of my re-usable bags under the seat of my stool and now this update is complete.


Here's the scary before shot... Yikes!


And here it is after some TLC... Off-white paint, new fabric... Super cheap and lovely update - it definitely cost me under $15.


  1. oooo - GREAT before and after!!! So cheerful now! Would just LOVE it if you linked this up to the newest party on the web - Trash To Treasure Tuesday on Kammy's Korner. http://kammyskorner.blogspot.com/2011/10/trash-to-treasure-tuesday-link-party-1.html

  2. Thanks Kammy! I'm loving my 'new to me' stool! I posted it to your link party. YAY! :-)