This weekend's project... A wall update

Yup that's the plan this weekend - I'm updating a wall. I've been thinking about finding 'things' to hang in my living room. This wall in particular is boring... Other than my snazzy stenciled cork boards of course!

My plan has been to have one area of my living room filled with art, photos and mirrors. I love it when you see photos on other blogs of walls that have a collection of 'random' items - using different colours, frames, mirrors, etc. This week I scored some perfect items at the Salvation Army.

First off is this mirror. I'm going to paint it an off-white - gold and silver are not my thing but a nice off-white will make this look FAB as part of my feature wall. It cost $4.99.

This mirror is a bit smaller and will work well with the other mirror. I'll also paint this one off-white. It was $3.99. I'm super excited to update the mirrors this weekend and then hang them!

Next I picked up this wall hanging. It's horrible but I think I can make it pretty! It's a wood piece with gold accents...

The 'welcome' text really is a bit much!

Thankfully it came off easily! My plan is to paint this then stencil a word onto the panel. Not sure what word... The word 'honour' has been a big one for me over the past year or two. Living with honour really covers so many things. Being kind in actions and in words, having integrity in what you say and do, etc. Kind of boring compared to 'inspire' or 'love' but that may be what I go with. We'll see!

Next up are these frames. Each cost $5.99.

I think I'm going to sand them then stain them. I'll probably leave some of the current paint on then sand and stain... Make them look old! Then add a coat of varathane. I feel guilty about replacing the 'art' but I'm going to look into either designing my own print or photo to go inside... Or I may even buy some art.

And finally my favourite yoga buddy found this at the side of the road. So what did he do? He picked it up and gave it to me. Hilarious!

It needs some work but maybe I could do something fun with the paint. I'll give it a go!

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