Small things that make me happy

Oh joy... I started updating my wall. Seriously it's kind of sad how excited I am about hanging 'things'. I guess I've never been one to really settle in a place or make somewhere a home. I feel like I've always lived in places but never actually 'lived' there. Sounds weird but right now I'm ready to settle in somewhere and make it mine. So pumped about that!

Yesterday afternoon my crafty friend Thelma came over and we hung my mirrors and frames. I'm going to keep adding items to my wall but here it is so far. Ignore the fact that I need to track down photos and art for the frames. My updated mirrors are up and my refinished frames from last weekend are up. Yay!

I'm on a roll with finding items for my wall. Today I picked up these frames at a garage sale on the Sunshine Coast - $5 for the two. I'll refinish this frame and add it to my wall.

I grabbed this frame to go with the other frame I recently updated. I'll give it the same finish.

Then earlier this week I scored these frames from the Salvation Army for $3.99/each. Hope to work on all of these frames tomorrow afternoon.

Another thing I grabbed from the Salvation Army is this stool for $9.99. I have to stop buying furniture for updating since I have a few projects on the go and want to get into more painting and then back into sewing but I had to have this.

The top opens up - there is a hinge for the top but it wasn't screwed into the seat. Once I reupholster this, I can get the hinge screwed in.

I want to keep the stool for my entrance way. I can store my reusable bags in it plus maybe gloves if they fit. I'll put the stool where the basket is to the right of my door.

I've decided to use this fabric from Walmart to work with my orange magazine rack. I'm going to paint the wood a soft off-white - not solid and not shabby chic but a light coat of white to make it look old.

Loving my home sweet home!


  1. seriously womyn, you are so freakin talented- that stool will look amazing!!!
    also, when do i get to put my christmas/hanukah orders in :D
    -Kiersten xo

  2. OH!!! and i NEEEEEEEEEEEEED a table runner from my favourite artist!!!
    -K xo

  3. Thanks Kiersten! What would I do without you! xo