One lovely looking stool

One of the best things for me these days is my range of work and the flexibility that comes with it. I can take off here and there then work on things as needed. This afternoon I decided to paint 'stuff' since I'm off to Victoria for a few days and won't get anything crafty done while I'm away. So I started with my stool update!

First thing I did was remove the uber yucky fabric from my $9.99 stool. Thankfully it was easy and not too icky. Then I reupholstered the seat using some fabric I bought ages ago from Walmart for $6/metre. This update is super cheap - it's definitely under $15. Here's the seat with the new fabric!

Next step was to get painting. I grabbed my off-white paint and started working on a few updates - the stool and 2 frames. Talk about efficient!

I ran out of time but the stool is 90% done. I need to tweek the paint then add a coat of varathane. Once that's done I can add the hinges for the seat then store some re-usable bags in this.

It looks perfect with my orange magazine rack!

And check out the before shot... What an improvement!

Here are the frames I'm working on. One is something I picked up at the Salvation Army this week for $1.99 and the other is a frame from last weekend's trip to the Sunshine Coast.

Here's the before for the $1.99 frame.

This will go on my wall with the other mirrors and frames. Should fit in nicely!

I was going to paint this grey but decided to go with a solid off-white. I'll finish up the painting then decide if I like it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend being crafty or other wise! :-)

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