My table update is looking pretty

My end table update is 90% done. Tomorrow I'll tweek the stain on the wood insert then varathane the top. Here it is so far...

It was a somewhat easy update once I knew what I wanted to do. It also was a cheap update - the table was $10, wood insert maybe $3 and then I had the sandpaper and stain on hand.

This morning I went to Rona first thing and got the wood insert cut to what I thought were the exact dimensions. I also checked out stain but decided to use what I already had in stock. I have a bunch of oils and stains that really I should use up instead of buying more!

I had the greatest guy ever help me today. Vince at Home Depot was fabulous yesterday and today it was Jack at Rona... Love that!

Here's the table bottom and then on the right is the plywood insert with my newly cut veneer for the top.

I got out my wood glue, oils and stains... I have a plethora of supplies! Gotta start using this stuff up!

First job was to glue the veneer to the plywood. I had to 'find' items from the backyard to put on top of the veneer to ensure it was glued on properly.

While the glue dried, I sanded and oiled the table bottom. I'm pretty sure the wood is teak. It was so easy to update!

I attempted to test out the stains on a spare piece of wood but then ended up just throwing on the stain and then some tung oil.

Here's the table with the stained wood insert. I had to sand the edges of the insert since it was a teeny tiny bit too large. My mistake on the measuring but it now fits perfectly! Tomorrow I'll finish up the update and then find a new home for the finished piece.

Isn't it pretty? :-)