I have a plan!

This morning I resolved to figure out how to update my end table and get any needed supplies so I could work on it tomorrow. This is my Sunday project after hitting Quarry Rock in Deep Cove for a hike that is.

First off I dropped by Rona to get some suggestions on what my options were for updating the table. They suggested I just replace the fabric - quick, cheap and easy. I had contemplated vinyl tiles or maybe even heavy duty tiles but the Rona guys figured it would look too cheap or wouldn't fit with the table.

I then made my way to Fabricland but dropped into Home Depot first just to see what they had in mind. Well I talked to Vince... What a lovely man! We had the full on 20 minute conversation about what I should do and how refinishing old pieces is the way to go, etc. Vince totally got me on track!

This afternoon I removed the fabric from the plywood. Tomorrow I'm going to get some oak veneer cut to fit the table. Then I can glue it to the plywood, stain it then refinish the table. Once all that is done, I'll put the table back together and be done. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Here's hoping it is... And I think it'll be a cheap update to boot!

Thankfully the staples weren't rusted into the plywood and came out in a jiffy!

Here's my table minus the icky fabric....

It'll be gorgeous with a wood inset as long as I get the correct stain.

After removing the fabric, I started on some paintings. I want to make some 4" x 4" paintings. These will have objects on them without any text. I have a strawberry, star, heart and sun to start.

I don't think these will take long to create. Once they're done I'll take photos and add them to my Etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/people/ThriftyByDesign.

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