My weekend jaunt to Victoria

Last weekend I took a quick jaunt to Victoria to see friends. What a perfect weekend! You can't beat a sunny, warm September weekend.

I did manage to get some thrifting in thanks to my favourite friend Will. My bestest friend ever! First off was Value Village. Unfortunately I didn't find anything.

Next we went to Capital Iron - love this store! They have so many great home decor items! This is where we dropped some cash... Belated birthday gift from Will. Yay for me!

I picked up these mugs. I really don't 'need' mugs but my 2 favourite colours right now are turquoise and orange. They are a super fun colour combo! These were $5 each. Extravagant!

My other purchases from Capital Iron included some owl pieces. Love owls! We picked up a brass doorstop for $10 then 2 brass wall hangers for $15/each. I might hang the owl wall hangers on my wall with my frames and mirrors.

We then dropped by the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul thrift store. I found a few tempting items, including Pyrex mugs, but ended up leaving empty handed.

Project Update

This weekend I have to catch up on some updates - my stool, frames, etc. Then I can do some serious sewing! I picked up some new hinges for my stool update.

I'll tweek the paint this weekend and add varathane then screw in the hinges.

I'm loving the turquoise and orange fabric. I think I'm going to use turquoise as an accent on other pieces in my living room.

I'm also hoping to finish up the below frames.

This weekend is full of fun things... Tomorrow is the book signing for Design*Sponge at Home. Can't wait!


One lovely looking stool

One of the best things for me these days is my range of work and the flexibility that comes with it. I can take off here and there then work on things as needed. This afternoon I decided to paint 'stuff' since I'm off to Victoria for a few days and won't get anything crafty done while I'm away. So I started with my stool update!

First thing I did was remove the uber yucky fabric from my $9.99 stool. Thankfully it was easy and not too icky. Then I reupholstered the seat using some fabric I bought ages ago from Walmart for $6/metre. This update is super cheap - it's definitely under $15. Here's the seat with the new fabric!

Next step was to get painting. I grabbed my off-white paint and started working on a few updates - the stool and 2 frames. Talk about efficient!

I ran out of time but the stool is 90% done. I need to tweek the paint then add a coat of varathane. Once that's done I can add the hinges for the seat then store some re-usable bags in this.

It looks perfect with my orange magazine rack!

And check out the before shot... What an improvement!

Here are the frames I'm working on. One is something I picked up at the Salvation Army this week for $1.99 and the other is a frame from last weekend's trip to the Sunshine Coast.

Here's the before for the $1.99 frame.

This will go on my wall with the other mirrors and frames. Should fit in nicely!

I was going to paint this grey but decided to go with a solid off-white. I'll finish up the painting then decide if I like it.

Hope everyone has a great weekend being crafty or other wise! :-)


Small things that make me happy

Oh joy... I started updating my wall. Seriously it's kind of sad how excited I am about hanging 'things'. I guess I've never been one to really settle in a place or make somewhere a home. I feel like I've always lived in places but never actually 'lived' there. Sounds weird but right now I'm ready to settle in somewhere and make it mine. So pumped about that!

Yesterday afternoon my crafty friend Thelma came over and we hung my mirrors and frames. I'm going to keep adding items to my wall but here it is so far. Ignore the fact that I need to track down photos and art for the frames. My updated mirrors are up and my refinished frames from last weekend are up. Yay!

I'm on a roll with finding items for my wall. Today I picked up these frames at a garage sale on the Sunshine Coast - $5 for the two. I'll refinish this frame and add it to my wall.

I grabbed this frame to go with the other frame I recently updated. I'll give it the same finish.

Then earlier this week I scored these frames from the Salvation Army for $3.99/each. Hope to work on all of these frames tomorrow afternoon.

Another thing I grabbed from the Salvation Army is this stool for $9.99. I have to stop buying furniture for updating since I have a few projects on the go and want to get into more painting and then back into sewing but I had to have this.

The top opens up - there is a hinge for the top but it wasn't screwed into the seat. Once I reupholster this, I can get the hinge screwed in.

I want to keep the stool for my entrance way. I can store my reusable bags in it plus maybe gloves if they fit. I'll put the stool where the basket is to the right of my door.

I've decided to use this fabric from Walmart to work with my orange magazine rack. I'm going to paint the wood a soft off-white - not solid and not shabby chic but a light coat of white to make it look old.

Loving my home sweet home!


1 afternoon, 2 mirror & 2 frame updates

This afternoon I managed to get my 2 mirrors updated as well as my 2 frames. I primed the mirrors, stained the frames then painted the mirrors and then re-stained the frames. It was quite the happenin' assembly line of updating. Very efficient indeed!

Next step is to hang my finished pieces and figure out what I want to put in the frames.


Here are the mirrors - gorgeous in an off-white paint...


And here are the frames. I sanded the paint then stained the frames. I wanted to bring out the wood grain as well as give them an old look. Hopefully I succeeded!



I'll hang the mirrors and frames later in the week then search out ideas for the frames. We'll see what I can come up with!

Mini paintings on the go

I'm off soon to refinish 'items' for my wall update. I did manage to get 3 mini paintings done this weekend. These paintings are 4" x 4". I have a star, heart and strawberry painting done so far. I did start on a sunshine one but it looked horrible so am revisiting that canvas.

I think they make a cute set so far...

My mini paintings are acrylic on canvas with pencil crayon highlights and then a coat of gloss medium. Each only cost $2-3 dollars in materials.


This weekend's project... A wall update

Yup that's the plan this weekend - I'm updating a wall. I've been thinking about finding 'things' to hang in my living room. This wall in particular is boring... Other than my snazzy stenciled cork boards of course!

My plan has been to have one area of my living room filled with art, photos and mirrors. I love it when you see photos on other blogs of walls that have a collection of 'random' items - using different colours, frames, mirrors, etc. This week I scored some perfect items at the Salvation Army.

First off is this mirror. I'm going to paint it an off-white - gold and silver are not my thing but a nice off-white will make this look FAB as part of my feature wall. It cost $4.99.

This mirror is a bit smaller and will work well with the other mirror. I'll also paint this one off-white. It was $3.99. I'm super excited to update the mirrors this weekend and then hang them!

Next I picked up this wall hanging. It's horrible but I think I can make it pretty! It's a wood piece with gold accents...

The 'welcome' text really is a bit much!

Thankfully it came off easily! My plan is to paint this then stencil a word onto the panel. Not sure what word... The word 'honour' has been a big one for me over the past year or two. Living with honour really covers so many things. Being kind in actions and in words, having integrity in what you say and do, etc. Kind of boring compared to 'inspire' or 'love' but that may be what I go with. We'll see!

Next up are these frames. Each cost $5.99.

I think I'm going to sand them then stain them. I'll probably leave some of the current paint on then sand and stain... Make them look old! Then add a coat of varathane. I feel guilty about replacing the 'art' but I'm going to look into either designing my own print or photo to go inside... Or I may even buy some art.

And finally my favourite yoga buddy found this at the side of the road. So what did he do? He picked it up and gave it to me. Hilarious!

It needs some work but maybe I could do something fun with the paint. I'll give it a go!


A cheap yet beautiful update

Today was a great day! This afternoon I finished up my end table update and soon I'm off to yoga. Yay! My end table is looking pretty swanky. Not bad for an investment of $15 and a bit of time. This update was super easy once I figured out what I wanted to do.

This afternoon I tweeked the finished then added a couple of coats of varathane.



After yoga, I'm finishing up some mini paintings. Talk about a zen-ful weekend! :-)