Updater of bad art

I've rescued furniture, upcycled sweaters and now I'm making bad art pretty. Not a bad DIY resume! Yesterday I hit Michaels with my 40% off coupon and grabbed another 8" x 8" canvas for $11 instead of $18. And then I hit the Salvation Army and found this 10" x 10" inch canvas for $5.

The canvas is in great shape... The painting on the canvas - all I can say is yikes! But I'll just paint over it with one of my bright, happy paintings and the old creepy painting will easily be forgotten!

Then I found this end table for $10. Next weekend I plan to work on atleast 1 furniture update. Lately I've been distracted by painting, setting up my Etsy store and well the summer weather. But I'm excited about this end table.

It's gorgeous wood and just needs to be sanded and oiled. The top pops out so I'll take it off then remove the vinyl and then add a new top. Not sure what to use since I don't want to paint the wood and want to keep it simple. Some black vinyl or some other material would work. I think a black top would make the end table quite classic looking.

I tried looking up the company that made the end table, davis & chine, but I couldn't find any info. Anyways I'm actually contemplating keeping this one despite having no space for it. Go figure!

Back to prepping my photos for my Etsy store. It should be up and running in a jiffy!

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