Painting, painting and MORE painting

Oh joy! What a weekend... In a lot of ways this weekend was perfect. I hiked, went to yoga, saw friends, relaxed and I painted like a feind. I am LOVING painting again. So mini painting series #2 is nearly done. I have 3 of the 4 complete.

Tomorrow night I hope to finish up '3'. Not sure what colour birds I'll go with but I'm pretty happy with this series. And I hit Michaels today with a 40% coupon and got 4 more 6" x 6" canvasses. Yippee!

My place is jammed with paintings so I'll need to get rid of them soon. Maybe try selling them online. I've been thinking about setting up an online store via Etsy or maybe some other site.

Today I worked on some recent finds from the Salvation Army. This desk organizer is pretty but needed a mini facelift.

I just sanded it and added tung oil. I could have painted it but decided to leave it au natural.

Next I took this frame apart.

I love the details in the frame!

Once I took it apart, I sanded it and added stain then decided to paint it. I then primed it but wasn't sure what colour to paint it or what type of finish I would give it.

I decided on grey. I did a light coat of grey and gave it a shabby chic finish. I thought I could use a black paint to bring out the details in the frame. I'll try tomorrow night and see how it looks. I can always paint over it if it looks yucky!

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