'A is for apple'

I finished my 'A is for apple' painting this morning and am hoping to work on paintings 'B' to 'D' later today. I love these mini canvasses from Michaels. Hopefully my 'A' to 'D' series will look good once they're all done!

Next I'll work on 'B is for bird'...

I might also work on some furniture - it's been awhile. I'm having a hard time finding interesting pieces at the Salvation Army, etc. I did find this cart the other day for $5. It has 3 pull out trays with a larger storage area at the top. I thought it would be great for my office. Maybe I'll even spray paint it a bright colour.

It was pretty dirty so I took it apart and cleaned it. Do you ever take something apart assuming it'll be easy to put back together? I did that this time and boy was I wrong. It took FOREVER to get it back together!

But with some perseverance I got it back together...

Project Update

Yesterday I dropped by Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories to show Carol my paintings. I wanted to make sure she was interested in selling them. And look here are some shots of my stuff in her store. Lots has been sold. Yippee!! Nice to know my crafty items are a hit.

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