Getting 'dirty' is fun!

Yes indeed getting 'dirty' is fun! It's not me whose dirty although my hands definitely have paint all over them - it's the frame I started painting yesterday. I started to paint it black tonight to highlight the details in the wood. I painted then used a sponge to soften the black then wiped, painted, wiped, painted... It was actually quite easy and I'm liking how my frame is looking! Oh I have a plan!

Here it is thus far. Tomorrow night I'll see if it needs any touching up then I'll add a coat of varathane. I've decided I won't use it for a photo or mirror - I'm going to make my very own inspirational print to go in it. Should be easy enough to implement - I just need the right quote. Something creative and insightful. It'll be right by my desk where I make great things happen whether craft wise or 'real' work wise. ;-P



I think it looks way better than before and man when I add my handmade print then really it'll look FABULOUS! Yeah for me!

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