And 'D is for...'

Daisy! I was going to make my fourth painting with a dog but with limited space and drawing skills I decided to use daisy for my final painting in my A, B, C, D series.

I was able to get painting B done yesterday morning...

I'm having fun making these paintings. I can create them pretty fast and the supplies are cheap. I used craft paint, pencil crayons and canvasses from Michaels then bought some higher end paintbrushes from Opus Framing & Art Supplies as well as gloss medium. The paintbrushes made all the difference!

After painting A and B, I then created my 'C is for car' painting yesterday afternoon.

My first two paintings, 'A is for apple' and 'B is for bird'...

And then my final two paintings, 'C is for car' and 'D is for daisy'...

Next I'll work on my larger canvasses using my old art school paintings. Plus I have another series of 4 paintings I want to create using 6" x 6" canvasses from Michaels. Lovin' this painting thang!


  1. Love your pictures! I couldn't paint an apple if my life depended on it! All of your paintings are super cute!

  2. Thanks Terry! The paintings are fun and super easy to paint. Glad you like them! :-)