Updater of bad art

I've rescued furniture, upcycled sweaters and now I'm making bad art pretty. Not a bad DIY resume! Yesterday I hit Michaels with my 40% off coupon and grabbed another 8" x 8" canvas for $11 instead of $18. And then I hit the Salvation Army and found this 10" x 10" inch canvas for $5.

The canvas is in great shape... The painting on the canvas - all I can say is yikes! But I'll just paint over it with one of my bright, happy paintings and the old creepy painting will easily be forgotten!

Then I found this end table for $10. Next weekend I plan to work on atleast 1 furniture update. Lately I've been distracted by painting, setting up my Etsy store and well the summer weather. But I'm excited about this end table.

It's gorgeous wood and just needs to be sanded and oiled. The top pops out so I'll take it off then remove the vinyl and then add a new top. Not sure what to use since I don't want to paint the wood and want to keep it simple. Some black vinyl or some other material would work. I think a black top would make the end table quite classic looking.

I tried looking up the company that made the end table, davis & chine, but I couldn't find any info. Anyways I'm actually contemplating keeping this one despite having no space for it. Go figure!

Back to prepping my photos for my Etsy store. It should be up and running in a jiffy!


I wasn't kidding...

Man oh man I am stockpiling canvasses! Super pumped about painting these days - as you probably picked up on! This morning I finished up my painting series - '1' to '4'. Then varathaned my frame update... I started working on the print to go in it. My skills with Adobe Illustrator are a bit rusty so the print may take longer than anticipated. Really that usually is the case with any craft / furniture project, isn't it? Atleast it seems to be the case for me. :-)

Today has been productive so far! First off I hit Michaels this morning with my 40% off coupon in hand. They had some canvasses on sale - buy one and get the second for 1 cent. Deal-o-rama for me! I grabbed a couple of 8" x 8" canvasses for $9/each (one costs $18). Even $9 is a lot but they're exactly what I want so I grabbed them. Then I got a pack of nine 4" x 4" at 40% off so they cost $28 instead of $40.

Next I 'organized' my painting supplies. I now have an area for my sewing 'stuff', my crafting 'stuff' and now my painting 'stuff'. My one bedroom place is starting to burst at the seams! Or will if I don't keep things in check!

And then the big thing I've been working on this weekend... I FINALLY set up an Etsy account. Man was that a teeny tiny bit overwhelming! Or still is I suppose. I have the account set up, PayPal set up and now the Etsy store set up. I have to fine tune the look of the store, add more info about TBD and then I'll be adding my paintings! Going big time!

As I get the Etsy store up and running, I need to work on some quality photos. I set up a mini photography station using white poster board from Michaels.

I took some pics of my complete painting series. Next I'll take photos of the other paintings I want to sell!

Here's painting '1'...

Here's painting '2'...

Here's painting '3'...

Here's painting '4'...

And here's my frame - now that I've added a coat of varathane it's done! Just waiting on a pretty picture to design and print then put inside!

I think the grey shabby chic finish with a bit of black to enhance the details looks FAB!


Getting 'dirty' is fun!

Yes indeed getting 'dirty' is fun! It's not me whose dirty although my hands definitely have paint all over them - it's the frame I started painting yesterday. I started to paint it black tonight to highlight the details in the wood. I painted then used a sponge to soften the black then wiped, painted, wiped, painted... It was actually quite easy and I'm liking how my frame is looking! Oh I have a plan!

Here it is thus far. Tomorrow night I'll see if it needs any touching up then I'll add a coat of varathane. I've decided I won't use it for a photo or mirror - I'm going to make my very own inspirational print to go in it. Should be easy enough to implement - I just need the right quote. Something creative and insightful. It'll be right by my desk where I make great things happen whether craft wise or 'real' work wise. ;-P



I think it looks way better than before and man when I add my handmade print then really it'll look FABULOUS! Yeah for me!


Painting, painting and MORE painting

Oh joy! What a weekend... In a lot of ways this weekend was perfect. I hiked, went to yoga, saw friends, relaxed and I painted like a feind. I am LOVING painting again. So mini painting series #2 is nearly done. I have 3 of the 4 complete.

Tomorrow night I hope to finish up '3'. Not sure what colour birds I'll go with but I'm pretty happy with this series. And I hit Michaels today with a 40% coupon and got 4 more 6" x 6" canvasses. Yippee!

My place is jammed with paintings so I'll need to get rid of them soon. Maybe try selling them online. I've been thinking about setting up an online store via Etsy or maybe some other site.

Today I worked on some recent finds from the Salvation Army. This desk organizer is pretty but needed a mini facelift.

I just sanded it and added tung oil. I could have painted it but decided to leave it au natural.

Next I took this frame apart.

I love the details in the frame!

Once I took it apart, I sanded it and added stain then decided to paint it. I then primed it but wasn't sure what colour to paint it or what type of finish I would give it.

I decided on grey. I did a light coat of grey and gave it a shabby chic finish. I thought I could use a black paint to bring out the details in the frame. I'll try tomorrow night and see how it looks. I can always paint over it if it looks yucky!


Another series of paintings on the go

Well I'm really getting into this painting thang. I finished up my 'A', 'B','C' and 'D' paintings and am now working on a '1', '2', '3' and '4' series. I've got painting '1' done with a cute little pink bird.

Yesterday I started adding my layers of paint to all of the canvasses. I'm hoping to get this series done later today after I do some 'real' work.

Next will be painting '2' with cute little orange birds. I also plan to start taking advantage of those 40% off coupons for Michaels then I can get a stockpile of cheap canvasses. I paid $20 for a pack of four 6" x 6" canvasses so each canvas costs me $5 plus painting supplies. If I can pay under $5 per painting for the canvas and supplies that would be great!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to sand and oil my latest thrift shop finds. I love the frame - it's very art deco. Instead of painting it, I'm going to sand it down and see how it looks au natural. I would actually love to make the frame a mirror if I can find the right size mirror for it.

I love both finds - the desk organizer was $3.99 and the frame was $6.99.


And 'D is for...'

Daisy! I was going to make my fourth painting with a dog but with limited space and drawing skills I decided to use daisy for my final painting in my A, B, C, D series.

I was able to get painting B done yesterday morning...

I'm having fun making these paintings. I can create them pretty fast and the supplies are cheap. I used craft paint, pencil crayons and canvasses from Michaels then bought some higher end paintbrushes from Opus Framing & Art Supplies as well as gloss medium. The paintbrushes made all the difference!

After painting A and B, I then created my 'C is for car' painting yesterday afternoon.

My first two paintings, 'A is for apple' and 'B is for bird'...

And then my final two paintings, 'C is for car' and 'D is for daisy'...

Next I'll work on my larger canvasses using my old art school paintings. Plus I have another series of 4 paintings I want to create using 6" x 6" canvasses from Michaels. Lovin' this painting thang!


'A is for apple'

I finished my 'A is for apple' painting this morning and am hoping to work on paintings 'B' to 'D' later today. I love these mini canvasses from Michaels. Hopefully my 'A' to 'D' series will look good once they're all done!

Next I'll work on 'B is for bird'...

I might also work on some furniture - it's been awhile. I'm having a hard time finding interesting pieces at the Salvation Army, etc. I did find this cart the other day for $5. It has 3 pull out trays with a larger storage area at the top. I thought it would be great for my office. Maybe I'll even spray paint it a bright colour.

It was pretty dirty so I took it apart and cleaned it. Do you ever take something apart assuming it'll be easy to put back together? I did that this time and boy was I wrong. It took FOREVER to get it back together!

But with some perseverance I got it back together...

Project Update

Yesterday I dropped by Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories to show Carol my paintings. I wanted to make sure she was interested in selling them. And look here are some shots of my stuff in her store. Lots has been sold. Yippee!! Nice to know my crafty items are a hit.