'You are my SUNSHINE'

Man this weekend rocks! Just plowing through stuff and managing to enjoy the sunny weather too. Feeling so excited! I'm really enjoying painting... But I do plan to get back into furniture in August while the sunny, warm weather is happening! I have a few project to get done. For now painting has been such a zen experience for me which I need.

This weekend I finished up painting #2, 'ORANGE you great', and painting #3, 'you are my SUNSHINE'. So much fun to create bright, fun paintings!

I thought I was done with painting #3, 'you are my SUNSHINE', but then as I was taking photos I realized the script is too light. And now I think I'll add some dark lines to the centre of the sun. Always tweeking! But then I'll be done... ;-P

I took out a darker purple and went over the script... It looks much better!

Here's the painting - I'll add the darker lines around the centre of the sun then add another coat of gloss medium. Paintings #1 to #3 are done. Very kewl!

Painting #1, 'you are BERRY sweet', is done...

And painting #2, 'ORANGE you great', is done...

Here are paintings #1, #2, and #3 all together!

And I am so excited about painting that I got another 4 pack of 6" x 6" canvasses from Michaels yesterday and then got 4 8" x 8" canvasses from the loonie store beside Michaels. These were $1.25/each. We'll see if they work out OK!

Now I'm off for a hike and then I can finish up painting #3 and start on painting #4. I think painting #4 will be 'BIRDS of a feather'. Happy day!

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