Taking the easy route

Today I'll be upholstering 4 seats. At least I hope I can get 4 seats upholstered today! I am taking the easy route, I think, on removing the staples. I have 1 seat good to go for my metal chair update.

Learning from the first seat and how hard it was to remove the staples and fabric, I decided to remove the fabric first so I can then get the cushion off the seat. This way I'll just hammer the staples out which should be easier than pulling them out.

I've decided to leave the metal chairs their original colour and am super excited about my fabric choice! Here's to a quick and uber fabulous update!

Recycled Sweaters and Hand Stitching Goodness

Man I am getting on top of some outstanding projects! Yesterday I made a pair of booties for a friend. He has 4 friends expecting babies meaning he wants 4 pairs of booties. I'm going to get some felt applique happening - pair 1 will have a strawberry, pair 2 will have an ice cream cone, pair 3 will have birds and pair 4 will have a bird with a heart.

Yesterday I scavenged through my stash of felt, wool and embroidery floss. It has been AGES since I even looked at these items. Sad since hand stitching stuff is so relaxing. For my baby booties, I'm using up remnant wool for the top of the booties. For the inside and bottom of the booties, I cut up a sleeve of a felted wool sweater from the Salvation Army.

Here's the wool sweater beforehand. It now has no sleeves. Plenty of warm, fuzzy wool left over for more baby booties or even a pillow cover!

And here's pair 1 done! I added the strawberry with a cute pink then green stem. Then used a lovely bright turquoise for the outer stitching...

I love grey! The bottom is using the recycled wool from my Salvation Army sweater.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!

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