A quick jaunt to Whistler

Boy do I feel FAB! What a difference taking time off makes... Hitting the road and being somewhere with no computer. Imagine that! Funny how you forget to take time off. I find now that I'm on my own I really truly have bad boundaries... Work, yoga, more work then I wonder why I'm tired!? So now I know - I need a quick and dirty recharge every so often. Good to know!

I went to Whistler for 4 nights and it was great! I wasn't completely on vacation - I did check out some stores, painted a bit, went to yoga. And the weather was gorgeous. Summer has FINALLY arrived!

My favourite spot in Whistler is Function Junction. It's quite the funky, eclectic spot where I went to yoga, dropped by the Re-Use-It Centre, checked out some home decor shops and then grabbed the most delicious brownie ever from Pure Bread.

My first stop after yoga was the Re-Use-It Centre. They have furniture, appliances, clothing and tons of sports equipment. I didn't find any furniture but am glad I checked it out. Next time I'm in Whistler I'll see if I can score some kewl furniture worthy of an update!

After the Re-Use-It Centre, I dropped by The Daily Planet. Lots of nifty stuff in this home decor store including new and used furniture, antiques, art, etc. They apparently get a trunkload of new items each week.

I thought this table was gorgeous...

And really you can't go anywhere without seeing a variation of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster...

After checking out The Daily Planet, I dropped by Pure Bread. I went to the Whistler Farmer's Market on Wednesday - these guys had a huge line up so you know their treats had to be yummy. I grabbed a brownie - I figured it was OK since I went to yoga. It was darn good! Their selection of baked goodies and bread is to die for!

Other than exploring Whistler, I started on my mini canvasses. I'm creating 2 series of paintings. This series will be a to d...

'a is for apple'
'b is for bird'
'c is for car'
'd is for ...' - not sure what this one will say yet!

Each painting will have the letter plus an icon. They'll be like my other canvasses - bright and fun! I'll work on these for a bit this weekend. Hopefully I can get at least one done!

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