Bring on the colour!

Oh I am so excited about painting this weekend! Like REALLY excited! Hard to believe since I haven't painted a 'painting' in a long time but I'm having fun.

Painting #2 will be 'ORANGE you great'. I've got a start on it. I'll probably tweek the colours then work on the text a bit more.

Right now I have a big bright orange in the middle with a light purple background and bright turquoise text. Love it!

I'm super happy with painting #1. Painting #2 is looking good so far and I know what I'm doing for painting #3, #4, #5 and #6. One a week at the very least and I'll be done on the update to my old 12" x 12" canvasses in a jiffy. Art school blah to something bright and happy.

Last night I picked up more acrylic paint at Michaels. I'm embracing the acrylic paint. Why not? It's super cheap and easy to clean plus it looks fine after a couple of coats of gloss medium.

I also grabbed a set of 4 canvasses for $20. They're 6" x 6" and I have a plan for them! I see the beginnings of great things. So glad to be painting again!

Thrift Store Finds

And speaking of colour, I lucked out at the Salvation Army today. Here's my collection of items - loving the turquoise creamer! And bright green dessert glasses. I think that's what they are!

TGIF! Happy weekend everyone! :-)

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