Another project done

This morning I finished up my final pair of baby booties for a friend. I used remnant wool for the outer part of each pair then felted wool for the inside and bottom. The felted wool came from a wool sweater from the Salvation Army. And then each pair got a different felt applique finish.

Here's the pair I finished off this morning. I used some remnant purple then added bright flowers.

Here's pair 1 with strawberries...

Pair 2 with ice cream cones...

Pair 3 with birds and hearts...

And pair 4 with flowers...

I'm pretty happy with all 4 pairs and I think they probably cost me under $2/each to make. Plus the pattern is easy breasy. I used Heather Bailey's Bitty Booties pattern with some slight modifications. Now that the booties are done, I'm going to get back into my paintings.

Project Update

Today I'm finishing up my metal chair update. I have 1 done and will definitely get the final 3 done today! I'm then going to start on these chairs next weekend. I grabbed them from the Gibsons Recycling Depot for $2/each.

I'll dismantle them this week and start removing the vinyl. I think I'll be using some grey ultra suede for the upholstery. I could go with funky fabric but I think the grey ultra suede will be more timeless.

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