A quick jaunt to Whistler

Boy do I feel FAB! What a difference taking time off makes... Hitting the road and being somewhere with no computer. Imagine that! Funny how you forget to take time off. I find now that I'm on my own I really truly have bad boundaries... Work, yoga, more work then I wonder why I'm tired!? So now I know - I need a quick and dirty recharge every so often. Good to know!

I went to Whistler for 4 nights and it was great! I wasn't completely on vacation - I did check out some stores, painted a bit, went to yoga. And the weather was gorgeous. Summer has FINALLY arrived!

My favourite spot in Whistler is Function Junction. It's quite the funky, eclectic spot where I went to yoga, dropped by the Re-Use-It Centre, checked out some home decor shops and then grabbed the most delicious brownie ever from Pure Bread.

My first stop after yoga was the Re-Use-It Centre. They have furniture, appliances, clothing and tons of sports equipment. I didn't find any furniture but am glad I checked it out. Next time I'm in Whistler I'll see if I can score some kewl furniture worthy of an update!

After the Re-Use-It Centre, I dropped by The Daily Planet. Lots of nifty stuff in this home decor store including new and used furniture, antiques, art, etc. They apparently get a trunkload of new items each week.

I thought this table was gorgeous...

And really you can't go anywhere without seeing a variation of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster...

After checking out The Daily Planet, I dropped by Pure Bread. I went to the Whistler Farmer's Market on Wednesday - these guys had a huge line up so you know their treats had to be yummy. I grabbed a brownie - I figured it was OK since I went to yoga. It was darn good! Their selection of baked goodies and bread is to die for!

Other than exploring Whistler, I started on my mini canvasses. I'm creating 2 series of paintings. This series will be a to d...

'a is for apple'
'b is for bird'
'c is for car'
'd is for ...' - not sure what this one will say yet!

Each painting will have the letter plus an icon. They'll be like my other canvasses - bright and fun! I'll work on these for a bit this weekend. Hopefully I can get at least one done!


'You are my SUNSHINE'

Man this weekend rocks! Just plowing through stuff and managing to enjoy the sunny weather too. Feeling so excited! I'm really enjoying painting... But I do plan to get back into furniture in August while the sunny, warm weather is happening! I have a few project to get done. For now painting has been such a zen experience for me which I need.

This weekend I finished up painting #2, 'ORANGE you great', and painting #3, 'you are my SUNSHINE'. So much fun to create bright, fun paintings!

I thought I was done with painting #3, 'you are my SUNSHINE', but then as I was taking photos I realized the script is too light. And now I think I'll add some dark lines to the centre of the sun. Always tweeking! But then I'll be done... ;-P

I took out a darker purple and went over the script... It looks much better!

Here's the painting - I'll add the darker lines around the centre of the sun then add another coat of gloss medium. Paintings #1 to #3 are done. Very kewl!

Painting #1, 'you are BERRY sweet', is done...

And painting #2, 'ORANGE you great', is done...

Here are paintings #1, #2, and #3 all together!

And I am so excited about painting that I got another 4 pack of 6" x 6" canvasses from Michaels yesterday and then got 4 8" x 8" canvasses from the loonie store beside Michaels. These were $1.25/each. We'll see if they work out OK!

Now I'm off for a hike and then I can finish up painting #3 and start on painting #4. I think painting #4 will be 'BIRDS of a feather'. Happy day!


Bring on the colour!

Oh I am so excited about painting this weekend! Like REALLY excited! Hard to believe since I haven't painted a 'painting' in a long time but I'm having fun.

Painting #2 will be 'ORANGE you great'. I've got a start on it. I'll probably tweek the colours then work on the text a bit more.

Right now I have a big bright orange in the middle with a light purple background and bright turquoise text. Love it!

I'm super happy with painting #1. Painting #2 is looking good so far and I know what I'm doing for painting #3, #4, #5 and #6. One a week at the very least and I'll be done on the update to my old 12" x 12" canvasses in a jiffy. Art school blah to something bright and happy.

Last night I picked up more acrylic paint at Michaels. I'm embracing the acrylic paint. Why not? It's super cheap and easy to clean plus it looks fine after a couple of coats of gloss medium.

I also grabbed a set of 4 canvasses for $20. They're 6" x 6" and I have a plan for them! I see the beginnings of great things. So glad to be painting again!

Thrift Store Finds

And speaking of colour, I lucked out at the Salvation Army today. Here's my collection of items - loving the turquoise creamer! And bright green dessert glasses. I think that's what they are!

TGIF! Happy weekend everyone! :-)


From dark and gloomy to bright and fun

Yesterday was cold and wet so I stayed inside and painted! It was such a weird experience since I haven't painted a 'painting' since art school years ago. It took me a bit to get back into the groove! And figure out what materials to use, etc.

I used acrylic... Yuck, yuck and yuck. Acrylic has such a flat, boring finish to it but I decided to use it since it was cheaper than oil paints and easier to clean up! Painting #1 was my 'you are BERRY sweet' painting with uber fun colours. What a difference it made to go from shades of black to bright turquoise!


These are my dark and gloomy paintings from art school...


And here's my first update to the canvasses...

My day involved layers of acrylic - I blocked out the colours and shapes I wanted first...

Then started to add the details - outlines, shading, etc...

Then I added the text...

I used a bunch of different materials after the layers of acrylic to help give the painting more depth. The final touch was using a coat of Opus' gloss medium - this helped make the acrylic less flat. Best purchase ever for my paintings!

Next I'll add another coat of the gloss medium then work on my 'ORANGE you great' canvas.


New things to collect... Tins & boxes

Anyone else interested in collecting tins and boxes? Nothing like having funky tins and boxes for storage!

I grabbed this 'cake' tin from the Gibsons Recycling Depot awhile back for $1.50. I'll be leaving it as is since it's gorgeous - copper and white with a lovely script.

Would be fun to make a cake for a party and bring it using this tin!

I was 'gifted' these old storage tins last weekend that I want to update. I have 5 tins - 2 large tins, 2 medium tins and 1 small tin. Dare I upcycle these? I could leave them as is or thought of using some chrome spray paint and then stenciling either text or a design onto the surface.

And then there's the beginnings of a collection of boxes. Both of these are recent thrift store finds and are made in Poland. Love the design on each of them! I'm sure I'll find more funky boxes soon!

Next I'll be painting canvasses today instead of working on furniture. It's pretty wet and miserable out so I'll stay inside making my canvasses pretty!


An army of chairs

OK I'm pooped... I finished up the upholstery on the metal chairs this afternoon. A couple of hours of hammering was not as fun as I thought it would be. While I was finishing up chair 4 that's when I started to feel it - my eyes and my arm... Ugh! DIY-ing can be hard on the body. But I wanted to get the final 3 chairs updated then deliver them. They found a new home in a jiffy!

I'll get better pics soon but here's my army of chairs...


And here they are when I first saw them... For $3/each they were a steal with tons of potential!


It took awhile and some painful moments but I removed the wicker and the icky fabric from the chairs. Wow did that make a big difference!

This was my inspiration for the update...

The fabric I picked up at Fabricland really worked with the chairs.


Here's the end product. The new fabric and removing the wicker made these chairs super modern. And the update cost me about $30 plus my time. The 4 chairs cost me $12 plus under $20 for the fabric. Not bad!

My friend and sewing buddy Thelma snapped these chairs up. I'm happy to have found a good home for them. If I had room, I would have kept them but there's only so many chairs a single girl needs... And I definitely have enough!

Another project done

This morning I finished up my final pair of baby booties for a friend. I used remnant wool for the outer part of each pair then felted wool for the inside and bottom. The felted wool came from a wool sweater from the Salvation Army. And then each pair got a different felt applique finish.

Here's the pair I finished off this morning. I used some remnant purple then added bright flowers.

Here's pair 1 with strawberries...

Pair 2 with ice cream cones...

Pair 3 with birds and hearts...

And pair 4 with flowers...

I'm pretty happy with all 4 pairs and I think they probably cost me under $2/each to make. Plus the pattern is easy breasy. I used Heather Bailey's Bitty Booties pattern with some slight modifications. Now that the booties are done, I'm going to get back into my paintings.

Project Update

Today I'm finishing up my metal chair update. I have 1 done and will definitely get the final 3 done today! I'm then going to start on these chairs next weekend. I grabbed them from the Gibsons Recycling Depot for $2/each.

I'll dismantle them this week and start removing the vinyl. I think I'll be using some grey ultra suede for the upholstery. I could go with funky fabric but I think the grey ultra suede will be more timeless.


Another day, another chair update

Well I've realized something about myself... I'm a teeny tiny bit overly optimistic. I like to look at the sunny side of life as well as think there is unlimited hours in the day and not 24. Why do I say this - because I thought I could get my 4 chairs reupholstered today when really I was only able to get 1 updated.

Here's my chair with the new swanky fabric. Love it!


This afternoon, I removed hundreds of staples from my 3 seats. It took me a lot longer than I expected! But once the staples were gone, I worked on the upholstery for chair 1 of 4.

The metal chair minus the wicker with the new fabric looks super lovely!

More Hand Stitching Goodness

After working on my chairs, I started on baby booties pair 2 of 4. Here's the beginning of my ice cream pair.

Most of the stitching is done. Tomorrow I'll add the bottom and finish up pair 2. I feel super relaxed after working on the booties. Nothing says zen time like a buttonhole stitch!

Taking the easy route

Today I'll be upholstering 4 seats. At least I hope I can get 4 seats upholstered today! I am taking the easy route, I think, on removing the staples. I have 1 seat good to go for my metal chair update.

Learning from the first seat and how hard it was to remove the staples and fabric, I decided to remove the fabric first so I can then get the cushion off the seat. This way I'll just hammer the staples out which should be easier than pulling them out.

I've decided to leave the metal chairs their original colour and am super excited about my fabric choice! Here's to a quick and uber fabulous update!

Recycled Sweaters and Hand Stitching Goodness

Man I am getting on top of some outstanding projects! Yesterday I made a pair of booties for a friend. He has 4 friends expecting babies meaning he wants 4 pairs of booties. I'm going to get some felt applique happening - pair 1 will have a strawberry, pair 2 will have an ice cream cone, pair 3 will have birds and pair 4 will have a bird with a heart.

Yesterday I scavenged through my stash of felt, wool and embroidery floss. It has been AGES since I even looked at these items. Sad since hand stitching stuff is so relaxing. For my baby booties, I'm using up remnant wool for the top of the booties. For the inside and bottom of the booties, I cut up a sleeve of a felted wool sweater from the Salvation Army.

Here's the wool sweater beforehand. It now has no sleeves. Plenty of warm, fuzzy wool left over for more baby booties or even a pillow cover!

And here's pair 1 done! I added the strawberry with a cute pink then green stem. Then used a lovely bright turquoise for the outer stitching...

I love grey! The bottom is using the recycled wool from my Salvation Army sweater.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!