Weird things people do - item 1

So after a day of sanding, painting, oiling, etc, I came home and removed old, dirty fabric from 3 of the chair seats I want to reupholster. Man it really is a dirty job. And I pretty much blistered and scratched up my hands in the process! This is dangerous work! :-)

The seat from the metal chair was a bit bizarre. Someone covered the bottom of the seat with fabric. Seemed strange to me since no one would check the bottom of the chair.

And not only that but they used a ton of staples and super long staples. Luckily the cushion was quite thick so no one would have known the staples were sticking out of the wood. It could have been a little painful!

Last night I tore the fabric off then today I'm going to get out my hammer and get rid of all of the staples. Soon enough I'll be able to reupholster!

These chair seats are good to go plus the seat from 1 of my metal chairs. I'm hoping to reupholster the 3 seats next weekend then have all of the chairs updated. And hopefully I can make it to Gibsons to pick up the other 3 metal chairs from Gibsons Recycling Depot.

Soon I'm off to finish up my update on the free table. I think I'm pretty sure how I want to finish it up. Here's hoping it works out as planned!

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