Something's gotta give... Or atleast go

Yesterday I took the ferry to Gibsons with the plan to see friends and to grab my 3 metal chairs from Gibsons Recycling Depot. Funny to think it'll be a year since I left the coast and moved back into Vancouver. Time has flown by! Atleast I can go back and drop by my old haunts. Speaking of which - I meant to take photos of my favourite haunts but ran out of time! I'll plan to do that on my next visit.

This morning my friend Marnie and I hit the Gibsons Recycling Depot. We took her 2 girls with us, Maaike and Pippa. I told Maaike we were on a secret adventure. FYI I don't have kids so maybe the recycling depot isn't an 'exciting' place for those under 5 years old. Maaike actually had a lot of fun and ended up with some 'treasures' - phew! And we got a tour of all of the bins.

A couple of potential items we came across - this kid's play kitchen was super kewl but sold. And I saw a couple of chairs that would be fun to update - I could remove the vinyl and add some swanky fabric.

Everyone got something out of our adventure... Maaike got this basket with a few things in it. Pippa got some Timbits... She actually only licked the icing sugar off but was very happy. They were expensive Timbits!

And you guessed it... I got the chairs. And Marnie is the best packing accomplice ever. I got 5 chairs in my car! Unbelievable!

After grabbing the ferry, I got the metal chairs to my parents' house, unloaded and started on the wicker.

It took me awhile to remove the wicker from the 3 chairs. Not the most exciting job of the weekend but the wicker is no more.

Next weekend I'll hopefully have the upholstery updated on all 4 chairs then tada - I'll be done!

So now I have 10 chairs at my parents' house - 2 I updated last weekend, the 4 metal chairs and these 2 freebie chairs.

I was going to work on these this afternoon then noticed the seat on one of the chairs had a crack. I decided I'm going to just get rid of these instead of spending time on them. Something had to go and these are it!

I haven't brought these out - they're still 'hiding' in the trunk so really next weekend I hope to have 4 of my 10 chairs gone then I can bring these out of hiding.

Yup it's true - I have a lot of chairs!

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