Rainy day projects

Well it's June... Really... It is! Sure it's pouring rain, cold, grey, etc but it apparently is mid-June. You'd think it would be the perfect time to work on furniture outside but nope it's too darn cold. So I picked up some upholstery tacks and got to work on a couple of chair updates instead. I've been meaning to finish off these chairs for AGES.

Yesterday I picked up art supplies at Opus Framing & Art Supplies - I'll tell you more about that later. And today my big purchase included 4 packs of upholstery tacks and a tack puller. The upholstery tacks were super cheap - $1.55 per pack. I used to pay over $5 a pack in Gibsons - small town prices I guess! Oh yeah and Home Depot has no selection for upholstery tacks so I had to hit Rona where they had TONS of sizes, etc.

I like using tacks versus staples. Oddly enough I find them easier to use. The fabric is from Dream Designs on Commercial Drive. I bought it for another project but decided to use it for these chairs.

Here are my tacks... I pretty much battered and bruised myself today. I even hammered my finger super hard - thank goodness for bandaids!

Here's chair 1 complete. I think I'll touch up the finish on the wood but this one is close to complete!

I managed to get most of the upholstery done on chair 2 - I need to hammer the tacks in a bit more then it's good to go.

Here's what they looked like last summer when I bought them for $5 each. Super yucky, dirty fabric.

Tonight I'm staying in and relaxing from my day of hammering. I'm going to work on my canvases that I finally feel inspired to paint. Yesterday I bought some art supplies from Opus Framing & Art Supplies - I'm very excited about working on my canvases! But man I forgot how easy it is to drop a bunch of money in an art supply store!

These uber dark paintings are going to be super bright and fun soon enough! :-)

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