Mr. Personality

Mr. Personality is my Dad. He really is larger than life. He's been my frontman with the few items I've sold on Craigslist. And seriously I usually hear back from people saying how much they enjoyed meeting him. Some of the emails have been quite lovely and touching. As you know, I do realize just how very lucky I am to have him... And my Mom! :-)

The whole Thrifty By Design adventure has been quite humourous especially when it comes to my Dad. He's great for the 'unsolicated guidance' when it comes to the furniture updates and home decor (among other things). Nothing like a 71 year old man telling you that turquoise is a horrible colour for furniture. So he's my Craigslist frontman, my assistant on some of the updates and now he's finding free furniture for me! His repertoire of TBD skills is getting quite extensive. Works for me!

Yesterday, as I was finishing up my free table update, he scoped out these chairs on our neighbour's driveway. They were gathering a few items from their background that they were ready to let go of. He of course pointed them out to me then approached our neighbours about grabbing them. We're both going to get quite the 'reputation' soon!

I'm going to clean these chairs up next weekend. Maybe tighten the screws, sand the wood and then add some tung oil. Not sure if I'll keep them or even give them to a friend but all they need is a quick and dirty update.

And I think I have some more free furniture coming my way... Thank goodness summer is here and I can get going on all of these projects!

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