Free table update - day 2

There I was hiking with some girlfriends this morning when I knew how to proceed on my table update. After a bit of thought, I decided the bottom needed to be black. A solid black. And that the top I would keep au natural but I would add a darker stain. Initially I used tung oil but I knew I had some darker Danish stain I could use. I was super pumped to get to work this afternoon and make my free table gorgeous!

This is how it looked this morning...

My Mom let me know that it looked 'diseased' - AKA the paint effect I tried looked pretty darn lame and even bad. The 'disease' comment is her way of letting me know that I'm not finished yet. And yes I had to agree - it was time to paint the bottom black and forget about the grey/black combo thang.

First I painted the bottom black and covered up my 'experiment' from yesterday. Then it didn't take long to clean up the top and add the darker stain.

I then added a couple of coats of varathane. It looks great now especially when you compare it to the before shot.



Another furniture update done in a jiffy... And this one was uber cheap since the table was free and I used supplies I already had. Love it!


  1. This is a fantastic project! Such a huge difference and so classy.

    Thanks for linking up!
    from www.trashtotreasuredecorating.com

  2. Thanks Michelle!! Nice to get free furniture and make it pretty! :-)

    Thank YOU for linking up!!