Free table update - day 1

Today I started on my free pine table. Boy I hate shellac... It's the worst finish ever. Glossy and icky. So this afternoon I started scraping the top of the table.

Once I scraped and sanded for a bit, I added some tung oil to see how it's going to look. It also helps me see what spots I missed in the scraping/sanding process. Tomorrow I'll tweek the top of table.

After working on the top for a bit, I primed the legs. The table is a bit dated looking so I figured I would paint the bottom and the leave the top au natural. I soon realized this was a great plan for minimizing my time on this update. Sanding the legs would have taken AGES. Yippee for shortcuts!

After priming, I then started painting the legs with my stash of grey paint - I have a ton leftover from my mirror/night table/table updates. I thought I would start with grey then add a coat of black for more drama.

So next I grabbed my black and a sponge then rubbed the black paint over the grey. It actually looks kind of neat - like a granite finish. But tomorrow I may change my mind! Maybe soften the effect then finish the top and be done.

And here I am... This DIY-ing thang is super messy, isn't it? :-)

Tomorrow I'll finish off the table update and find a new home for it. Love free stuff, making it pretty then passing it on! And tonight fun times indeed - I've decided to stay in , watch a movie and remove fabric from chair seats. I know - can a girl have more fun than that?! I think not... ;-P

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