Feeling inspired

Here's the inspiration for my update to the metal chairs. It's from the June 2011 issue of Style at Home. I love the print against the grey chairs!

The black fabric with my metal chairs will look stunning! Or so I think... ;-)

More Free Stuff!

Today I got this delivered. It's a pine table that's seen better days. Next weekend I'm hoping to update it along with many, MANY other things!

I'm wondering if I should sand and stain the top - leave it au natural - and then I can paint the bottom an off-white with a slight shabby chic finish.

And Even More Purging...

My baby blue cabinet has found a new home. I ended up giving it away via Craigslist. I just wasn't happy with the end result so I purged it instead of working on it any longer. As Kenny Rogers says in his song The Gambler... 'You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.' I folded this one. Onwards and upwards!

Hope everyone had a wonderful, sunny weekend!

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