The dirty, icky side of DIY-ing

Last weekend, as I was struggling to remove wicker from my metal chairs, I had this thought that just popped into my head - thank god I'm not into manicures. Seriously! What a waste of money that would be considering my panache for sanding, painting and just plain ole putting my hands through the ringer.

From there I thought about all of the icky DIY situations I've encountered in the past while. I'm not too squimish these days... Furniture peppered with dead bugs, spiders and really all sorts of 'mysterious' items. You really do see it all when updating furniture. And you soon realize, some people do super strange stuff to furniture. It's true!

Right now I'm stripping these chairs of their old and truly disgusting fabric... Disgusting because it really is pretty darn dirty. The seats on these chairs were added after the fact so I'm going to reupholster the seat then secure it back on.

I guess it's good these are dirty and a bit destroyed since I only paid $5/each for them.

This is the real work too! It's been a lot of work removing the staples. Ah well they'll look lovely once they've been updated... And refinishing the chairs was pretty easy. Sometimes updating furniture is easy breasy and sometimes, hopefully not too often, it's real work.

I'm counting down to the weekend... Gonna get outside and make things beautiful! Can't wait!


  1. We're all thankful that you're doing some dirty jobs to make things pretty. A varsol hand wash isn't as pleasant as a manicure, but its a small price to pay! :)
    Aaron @ Sell House Fast Toronto

  2. True enough!! Plus a manicure doesn't last long but a gorgeous update is the gift that keeps giving! :-) Thanks for your comment Aaron - it made me smile!