A day without injury

Today I finished hammering in my upholstery tacks on chair 2. And I am happy to report - I did not injure myself! That's a bonus! After finishing up the seats, I then screwed them onto the chairs and am officially done with this update. I might touch up the finish on the chairs but I think they look gorgeous now.



I love this fabric! The colour and design are FAB!

And then last night I started painting. First I did a quick sketch of my design... One painting will be 'ORANGE you great' and the other will be 'you are BERRY sweet'... Just like my pillows! But these will be paintings for a kid's room. Bright and fun!

Man I forgot how much I hate acrylic paint. It's so flat and sort of yucky. But I'm only beginning with a few layers of acrylic then I'll be using other media to make the finish more vibrant.

Here's to working on stuff without injuring yourself and to making pretty paintings - happy crafting! :-)

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