Sunshine how I missed you!

We actually got sunshine today and it was pretty warm out. This is exciting because... We have had one of the worst springs on record. Seriously it's been cold and wet. Not good when you want to drag furniture outside and paint it, etc. But today I got to drag a couple of pieces outside then sand and stain them. So darn fun!

This week I happened upon this teak night stand for $12.99 at the Salvation Army. It's a nice piece but I figure someone added the inside box after the fact. I contemplated removing it but thought I'd do any easy peasy update on this one.


I spent an hour or two cleaning and sanding this piece then I covered it in teak oil. Looks so much better, doesn't it? I may keep this one or see if a friend wants it. I'll decide tomorrow when I give it a once over.


Project Update

After my teak night table update, I tweeked the finish on my $12 cabinet. It's super close to be complete!


Man the power of using a scraper - it's truly amazing how much shellac you can scrape off in a jiffy. I picked up a couple of brand new blades and was able to remove most of the shellac I missed last weekend. Once I finished scraping, I sanded then stained the outside of my cabinet.


I love the finish so far! The only thing I didn't scrape were the legs. I sanded them slightly then added stain.

Next I need to conquer the inside of the cabinet and the icky plywood/shellac combo! I've been thinking of options for the inside from simple to complicated. I'm really trying to keep my updates simple since they tend to go south or cost too much when you get complicated.

Tomorrow I'm dropping by Rona or Home Depot for a strip of molding to cover up the front part of the shelf. I'll add the molding then stain it. I'll leave the update at that point since I'm adding boxes and baskets to the shelf which may cover up the plywood back and bottoms.

My Big Purge-o-rama

Sometimes you need to admit defeat or admit when a project is unworthy of your time and expense. I was going to update these wicker table bottoms that were donated to TBD but then I decided I had too many projects on the go and something had to give. These found a new home via Craigslist today. One less project to update. Phew!

More purging is coming my way. Thankfully my place is becoming less and less cluttered... And furniture updates are getting done! :-)

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