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Well I've been remiss again in updating my blog. I have managed to post some tidbits via Facebook and Twitter but alas my TBD blog has suffered. Sorry! Good news though - I feel reinvigorated! Thanks to a lovely visit to the Gibsons Recycling Depot this weekend... And the purchase of some furniture. Exciting!

The Gibsons Recycling Depot is a great place to visit if you're searching for items in need of repurposing or updating. I've found some FAB furniture in the Reuse Store desperately in need of re-loving. The best part is that you can find some real deals here. You can also find super crazy stuff like this clown painting.

This morning I met up with Barb. She's one of the people I miss from my days living in Gibsons. We talked about her upcoming get together at the depot, THE reMADe Hatters TEa Party. She was working on a hat made out of repurposed materials for the tea party. She was also maintaining her garden - she's upcycling old toilets into garden pots. Imagine that!

We toured the depot looking for furniture that may tempt me. I had put a cabinet aside that she was ready to let go of. We also found these 4 patio chairs. I had to buy them! What a deal - 4 chairs for $12... Not bad! I want to remove the wicker (it's just plain old yucky) and then reupholster the seats. They're really nice chairs and with some funky fabric they'll be uber fabulous!

And here's the cabinet. It was $12. Not sure if it's a cabinet or a shelf but it'll be perfect for my place.

I'm hoping to replace my wood shelf in this photo with the updated cabinet. Not sure if the wicker baskets will fit in the shelves but I'll see what I can do!

I have a plan in mind for the refinishing. I want to sand and stain it like my cabinet update - same stain and similar brass pulls. This is my favourite update so far!

I have some extra brass pulls from Windsor Plywood that hopefully will work. I only need 1 drawer pull so can try either of these. Maybe it's too boring of an update - what do you think?

Project Update

Also in the works, Dad and I will be making a second attempt at hanging my updated mirror. We tried a couple of weeks ago and the wire split so we're going hardcore on the wire. He's picked up some 'special' wire so we can hang this and it won't fall. Phew!

And yes even lamer - I have yet to hang my framed cork boards. Soon my crafty friends I'll be getting things up! Yippee!

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