How $2.50 can make a BIG difference

Today I finished up my cabinet update. I spent $2.50 on molding for the shelf and man it made a HUGE difference! I'm thrilled since I didn't need to paint the plywood inset. I stained the molding and then glued and nailed it to the shelf. I love it!!

Here's the shelf with the molding...

And here's the complete update. I'm super happy with it! I'm using it in my dining room. Now I need to get rid of my basic wood shelf since I now have an ultra FAB cabinet. Such a deal for $20! The cabinet cost $12, the molding cost $2.50 and the new drawer pull cost approximately $5 (it was on sale for 50% off!).

After working on my cabinet, I removed the wicker from my metal chair. Someone really stuck the wicker on this chair. It took quite a bit to remove it! Next I need to transport the other 3 chairs from Gibsons plus find some funky fabric. These are going to rock once I'm done!

Ode to my Mom & Dad

To say I have wonderful parents really is an understatement. I hope everyone is as lucky as me. I am truly blessed with super lovely parents and great friends. I couldn't help but think of my Mom and Dad as I took over part of their garage this weekend! Since moving from Gibsons, I've gone from a house to a 1-bedroom suite... Meaning I have no room now to update furniture unless I drag it to my parents' house! As you can see here...

Beyond that I've had loads of help from both of them. Today Dad helped me add the molding to my shelf. And then Mom and I will be dropping by Fabricland to find fabric for my metal chairs. As my Dad always tells me - it's a lifetime warranty meaning I can hit them up for help, guidance, etc for a long, LONG time! :-)


  1. love the dining room cabinet/shelf and how lovely to have your parents so supportive!

  2. I love the cabinet and how easy it was to update! And yes my parents are beyond wonderful! I'm very fortunate. :-)