Getting stuff done

Yesterday I started sanding, staining, painting, planning... You know the drill! I was getting stuff done. And I was contemplating projects to purge. Yup I'm clearing house. Man it feels good!

First I worked on my cabinet update by scraping the uber icky shellac. I wanted to see how easy it was to remove the layer of shellac and thankfully my scraper got most of it off in a jiffy! I first scraped, sanded then stained the drawer. Looking good so far!

I then spent two to three hours scraping the surface. I didn't bother with the inside but got most of the shellac off of the outside. I then did a bit of sanding and then added stain.

I'll tweek the sanding since there are some spots with remnant shellac. That'll be next weekend then I should be done this update.

I may do something with the inside. It's plywood and has a shellac finish. Not too pretty so maybe I should paint the inside. Not sure so we'll see what happens!

Next I took the doors off of my metal cabinet then added painter's tape since I was only going to paint the outside. I'm not keeping this piece so I just did a quick and dirty update.

I painted the outside a robin's egg blue.

Once the paint was dry, I put the cabinet back together. I'll need to do some touch ups then this piece is done.

Here's the inside with the original colour...

It's not one of my favourite updates but nice to have it complete. Next I can move onto my newly acquired patio chairs. Fun times ahead!


  1. Love the metal cabinet color! I've been painting things in my kitchen the same shade and can't seem to stop...ha!

  2. I was actually searching for turquoise but robin's egg blue is just as fun. So bright and cheery! I bet your kitchen looks uber lovely! :-)