How $2.50 can make a BIG difference

Today I finished up my cabinet update. I spent $2.50 on molding for the shelf and man it made a HUGE difference! I'm thrilled since I didn't need to paint the plywood inset. I stained the molding and then glued and nailed it to the shelf. I love it!!

Here's the shelf with the molding...

And here's the complete update. I'm super happy with it! I'm using it in my dining room. Now I need to get rid of my basic wood shelf since I now have an ultra FAB cabinet. Such a deal for $20! The cabinet cost $12, the molding cost $2.50 and the new drawer pull cost approximately $5 (it was on sale for 50% off!).

After working on my cabinet, I removed the wicker from my metal chair. Someone really stuck the wicker on this chair. It took quite a bit to remove it! Next I need to transport the other 3 chairs from Gibsons plus find some funky fabric. These are going to rock once I'm done!

Ode to my Mom & Dad

To say I have wonderful parents really is an understatement. I hope everyone is as lucky as me. I am truly blessed with super lovely parents and great friends. I couldn't help but think of my Mom and Dad as I took over part of their garage this weekend! Since moving from Gibsons, I've gone from a house to a 1-bedroom suite... Meaning I have no room now to update furniture unless I drag it to my parents' house! As you can see here...

Beyond that I've had loads of help from both of them. Today Dad helped me add the molding to my shelf. And then Mom and I will be dropping by Fabricland to find fabric for my metal chairs. As my Dad always tells me - it's a lifetime warranty meaning I can hit them up for help, guidance, etc for a long, LONG time! :-)


Sunshine how I missed you!

We actually got sunshine today and it was pretty warm out. This is exciting because... We have had one of the worst springs on record. Seriously it's been cold and wet. Not good when you want to drag furniture outside and paint it, etc. But today I got to drag a couple of pieces outside then sand and stain them. So darn fun!

This week I happened upon this teak night stand for $12.99 at the Salvation Army. It's a nice piece but I figure someone added the inside box after the fact. I contemplated removing it but thought I'd do any easy peasy update on this one.


I spent an hour or two cleaning and sanding this piece then I covered it in teak oil. Looks so much better, doesn't it? I may keep this one or see if a friend wants it. I'll decide tomorrow when I give it a once over.


Project Update

After my teak night table update, I tweeked the finish on my $12 cabinet. It's super close to be complete!


Man the power of using a scraper - it's truly amazing how much shellac you can scrape off in a jiffy. I picked up a couple of brand new blades and was able to remove most of the shellac I missed last weekend. Once I finished scraping, I sanded then stained the outside of my cabinet.


I love the finish so far! The only thing I didn't scrape were the legs. I sanded them slightly then added stain.

Next I need to conquer the inside of the cabinet and the icky plywood/shellac combo! I've been thinking of options for the inside from simple to complicated. I'm really trying to keep my updates simple since they tend to go south or cost too much when you get complicated.

Tomorrow I'm dropping by Rona or Home Depot for a strip of molding to cover up the front part of the shelf. I'll add the molding then stain it. I'll leave the update at that point since I'm adding boxes and baskets to the shelf which may cover up the plywood back and bottoms.

My Big Purge-o-rama

Sometimes you need to admit defeat or admit when a project is unworthy of your time and expense. I was going to update these wicker table bottoms that were donated to TBD but then I decided I had too many projects on the go and something had to give. These found a new home via Craigslist today. One less project to update. Phew!

More purging is coming my way. Thankfully my place is becoming less and less cluttered... And furniture updates are getting done! :-)


Getting stuff done

Yesterday I started sanding, staining, painting, planning... You know the drill! I was getting stuff done. And I was contemplating projects to purge. Yup I'm clearing house. Man it feels good!

First I worked on my cabinet update by scraping the uber icky shellac. I wanted to see how easy it was to remove the layer of shellac and thankfully my scraper got most of it off in a jiffy! I first scraped, sanded then stained the drawer. Looking good so far!

I then spent two to three hours scraping the surface. I didn't bother with the inside but got most of the shellac off of the outside. I then did a bit of sanding and then added stain.

I'll tweek the sanding since there are some spots with remnant shellac. That'll be next weekend then I should be done this update.

I may do something with the inside. It's plywood and has a shellac finish. Not too pretty so maybe I should paint the inside. Not sure so we'll see what happens!

Next I took the doors off of my metal cabinet then added painter's tape since I was only going to paint the outside. I'm not keeping this piece so I just did a quick and dirty update.

I painted the outside a robin's egg blue.

Once the paint was dry, I put the cabinet back together. I'll need to do some touch ups then this piece is done.

Here's the inside with the original colour...

It's not one of my favourite updates but nice to have it complete. Next I can move onto my newly acquired patio chairs. Fun times ahead!

Local haunts (aka places of inspiration)

What a weekend this has been! I managed to jam in tons of stuff - it helps that it's been a long weekend that's fer sure. This morning I got a hike in before refinishing furniture. I went on my favourite hike which is in Deep Cove. Before moving to Gibsons, I lived in Deep Cove for 5 years and hiked a few days a week. Deep Cove is gorgeous! If you find yourself in Vancouver definitely make a trek to the Cove - it's well worth the visit!

My favourite hike is the Baden Powell Trail. You can go for HOURS on this trail but I grab it from Deep Cove then head up to Quarry Rock for the best view ever. It only takes an hour in total to get to the top, have a quick zen moment then head back down. You can see the Cove, Indian Arm, downtown Vancouver, etc from Quarry Rock. In the summer, it's a nightmare... Even this morning I hit it too late. I started at 10am and it was packed. Here's the view of Deep Cove...

After my hike, I stopped by LaLa's. They have such funky stuff - I was super tempted to buy jewellery!

They had some super fun prints and some hilarious Rob Ryan mugs. Thankfully I left my wallet in the trunk of my car!

They also had a few of the Penguin books with the super funky covers designed by senior cover designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith. Love these!

Unfortunately Room6 didn't open up until noon and I had to run off since I wanted a full afternoon of sanding and staining, etc.

Room6 has 'special things for nice people'... Gotta love that tagline!

After a quick jaunt in the Cove, I was full of joie de vivre. Definitely an inspiring spot for me in so many ways!


My super happy place

Well I've been remiss again in updating my blog. I have managed to post some tidbits via Facebook and Twitter but alas my TBD blog has suffered. Sorry! Good news though - I feel reinvigorated! Thanks to a lovely visit to the Gibsons Recycling Depot this weekend... And the purchase of some furniture. Exciting!

The Gibsons Recycling Depot is a great place to visit if you're searching for items in need of repurposing or updating. I've found some FAB furniture in the Reuse Store desperately in need of re-loving. The best part is that you can find some real deals here. You can also find super crazy stuff like this clown painting.

This morning I met up with Barb. She's one of the people I miss from my days living in Gibsons. We talked about her upcoming get together at the depot, THE reMADe Hatters TEa Party. She was working on a hat made out of repurposed materials for the tea party. She was also maintaining her garden - she's upcycling old toilets into garden pots. Imagine that!

We toured the depot looking for furniture that may tempt me. I had put a cabinet aside that she was ready to let go of. We also found these 4 patio chairs. I had to buy them! What a deal - 4 chairs for $12... Not bad! I want to remove the wicker (it's just plain old yucky) and then reupholster the seats. They're really nice chairs and with some funky fabric they'll be uber fabulous!

And here's the cabinet. It was $12. Not sure if it's a cabinet or a shelf but it'll be perfect for my place.

I'm hoping to replace my wood shelf in this photo with the updated cabinet. Not sure if the wicker baskets will fit in the shelves but I'll see what I can do!

I have a plan in mind for the refinishing. I want to sand and stain it like my cabinet update - same stain and similar brass pulls. This is my favourite update so far!

I have some extra brass pulls from Windsor Plywood that hopefully will work. I only need 1 drawer pull so can try either of these. Maybe it's too boring of an update - what do you think?

Project Update

Also in the works, Dad and I will be making a second attempt at hanging my updated mirror. We tried a couple of weeks ago and the wire split so we're going hardcore on the wire. He's picked up some 'special' wire so we can hang this and it won't fall. Phew!

And yes even lamer - I have yet to hang my framed cork boards. Soon my crafty friends I'll be getting things up! Yippee!


Tomorrow I hang my mirror update

My mirror update is complete! I tweeked the paint yesterday then added a coat of varathane. I'm hoping that it'll look super FAB in my bedroom. I'll be hanging the mirror tomorrow along with some of my other projects.

I'm glad to have it done - painting all of the squares and circles took ages!

And here's the mirror before - grey with turquoise and silver is so much better than glossy black! The mirror cost $20 and approximately $5 in supplies. Not bad!

I'm also hanging my framed cork boards.

My walls are gonna be pretty!


One crazy day of painting

Today was quite the intense day of painting. I painted 82 squares turquoise and 82 circles silver. It was a brutal update since the squares took awhile to paint. I wasn't even trying to be super accurate but it still took ages!

My mirror once looked pretty scary in a glossy black finish...


Now I have my Icon Grey paint with turquoise squares and silver inset circles...


This afternoon it was all grey and now I've added paint to the details in the wood. I'll tweek the finish next weekend then it'll be done. The mirror will look perfect in my bedroom.

Hope everyone had a FAB weekend!