Will spring hurry up & get here?

Wow... I haven't posted on my blog for awhile! 2 weeks have come and gone in a jiffy! I was hoping to get out and update furniture but alas the weather has been cold. Bad conditions for painting to say the least... But I suspect maybe just maybe the weather is turning. It is mid-April - let the warm weather start... Please!

At least my tulips are surviving! These are the planters my Mom spruced up for me. Gotta ♥ having a thoughtful Mom... Makes me soup, cookies and fixes up my planters!

I've been readying myself for warmer weather... Collecting furniture to work on. Today I had a friend over for lunch and she brought these for me. I really think I should keep having people over for lunch/dinner - don't bring wine or flowers but bring some furniture. Is that a lot to ask? :-)

Not sure how to transform these or what to transform them into... I actually don't know what they are to be honest. I'll have to do a quick Google search and see what I'm dealing with! Anyone got some ideas to help me on this update?

Project Update

My princess chair has been delivered... It found the perfect home. This is Tayler - she's quite the lovely little girl.

Hope everyone is happy, healthy and getting crafty! :-)


  1. I would love it if someone brought me furniture! I'm not sure but those might be made to hold indoor potted plants - like a fern or something. But you could also do something unexpected like a garden gazing ball or fisherman's glass float in the garden or patio!

  2. I know! Free furniture rocks! Not sure what I can do with this free update... The consensus is that they are table bottoms. The 'easy' update is to track down a cheap glass top. So we'll see how it goes! :-)