Now the real fun begins...

Finally it was warm and sunny out! Dare I say spring has arrived... Maybe not since it's supposed to rain for the next few days. But that's OK since it was absolutely gorgeous out today and I painted furniture! Happy day!

Today began with a drawer pull pit stop. I went to Kali Trading on Commercial Drive to pick up the ceramic knob I saw earlier that I now had a use for. Kali Trading has some really kewl home decor stuff and for a reasonable price.

I was tempted to buy more considering all of the things that caught my eye.

Especially the drawer pulls! They had some super interesting ones and they were pretty cheap...

But I refrained and bought these 2 ceramic knobs for $3/each. I only need one but now I have an extra just in case of emergency. What emergency I don't know but I get in the habit of over-buying now instead of under-buying (I had one project which I narrowly finished due to not enough fabric!).

I definitely want to use the ceramic knob for my night table update. I bought this night table from a friend for $10. I knew I had to have it since I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to update it. I'm going to paint it grey with a slight shabby chic finish and add the swanky ceramic knob.

So after picking up the drawer pulls I then jetted off to the Salvation Army to pick up another project - this $10 end table.

It's in pretty rough shape but I think I can make it pretty!

[ Note: I've been collecting furniture these days - nothing too crazy but I want to have a few pieces in my update arsenal. It's been hard to find furniture that was cheap and worthy of an update! ]

After picking up the end table, I hit the other Salvation Army in North Vancouver and found this mirror for $20.

It's a beautiful mirror with a slight detail in the wood. I'll be repainting this one and keeping it!

So as you can see I've got quite the weekend ahead of me - a night table update, an end table update and a mirror update... And anything else I can get done would be fabulous!

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