Nothing like a bit of inspiration

As I get ready to continue on with my 3 furniture updates, this morning I'm working on some stenciling then heading to yoga and then I'm painting!! I picked up some grey paint yesterday, Icon Grey, and can't wait to see how it looks on my night table and mirror updates.

I'm feeling inspired to make stuff and repurpose old, trashy items. When I was on Commercial Drive yesterday to pick up drawer pulls, I nipped into Dream Designs. Dream Designs is one of those places that is great for inspiration. They have clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc - all are well-made, sustainable products.

I love going into stores, seeing something pretty nifty and knowing I could probably make something like it myself. Remember I'm thrifty so really I only buy things that either I'm going to update or that I really like but know I couldn't make myself. I love this felted wool train. This would be a great present for a friend with a new baby.

Or these hand puppets made from recycled wool sweaters... You could really have fun mixing and matching patterns and colours!

Project Update

This morning I stenciled 2 cork boards. I'll glue them to wood panels tonight then they'll be ready to drop off. They're for my friend Kiersten - one says 'ideas' and the other says 'stuff'. I have 6 more cork panels and plan to stencil them for friends. They're fun gifties! And useful!

I also came across these ceramic pieces I bought awhile ago for $1.50/each. I'm going to paint them with the grey paint as well then hang them in my bedroom along with the mirror and some of the frames I added cork board to.

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