My weekend assembly line - day 3

Oh man I made it! I have 2 furniture updates done... And one update that's getting there! I'm having mid-project confusion. Or indecision. You know what I mean!

Today I pulled out the varathane and finished up my night table update. I'm really happy with this one! And the ceramic knob works perfectly!



I ended up scraping the top of my end table update a bit more today. I wanted to expose more of the bare wood. After scraping and sanding the top, I added some tung oil which made the wood look gorgeous! After the oil, I added a coat of varathane.



And then here's where I became indecisive. I painted over the turquoise squares I started on yesterday but now am wondering if I should sand the grey paint a bit then start over. I could re-add the turquoise and maybe use silver for the circle and not white. The white was a bit much. I'll give it some thought then get back to work on my mirror update next weekend.

So these are done... I tweeked the paint on this frame then added a coat of varathane. The frame will be nice in my bedroom along with the mirror. I just need to figure out what to put in the frame!

These look so much better in grey versus gold... And the coat of varathane gave the finish some depth instead of being just a flat, boring grey.

Now I'm pooped... Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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