My weekend assembly line - day 1

Day 1 has been productive. I have all of my supplies - new drawer pull, sandpaper, primer and paint. Off-white for the end table and a mid-grey for the night table and mirror. I'm ready!

Today, after picking up furniture and supplies, I sanded each piece and then primed them. The mirror was tricky since I decided to leave the mirror in the frame. I used painter's tape and some flyers to seal the mirror.

Then scraped and sanded the glossy black paint. The paint was pretty easy to scrape off!

The frame is primed and ready for day 2. I'm going to paint this grey and put it up in my bedroom.

The end table and night table required some minor glueing and a bit of sanding. Then I primed them. They're also ready for day 2.

Tomorrow I'll paint each piece then sand them a bit and then add a coat of varathane. I'm excited to see how my updates turn out!!


  1. I love doing this kind of stuff and just asked hubby for more room in the garage to be able to do more!

  2. I know! I really missed working on furniture over the winter. So excited to paint 'stuff'!! And really it's easier to do a bunch of projects at once. I can't wait to finish my mirror update and hang it in my bedroom... :-)