My weekend assembly line - day 3

Oh man I made it! I have 2 furniture updates done... And one update that's getting there! I'm having mid-project confusion. Or indecision. You know what I mean!

Today I pulled out the varathane and finished up my night table update. I'm really happy with this one! And the ceramic knob works perfectly!



I ended up scraping the top of my end table update a bit more today. I wanted to expose more of the bare wood. After scraping and sanding the top, I added some tung oil which made the wood look gorgeous! After the oil, I added a coat of varathane.



And then here's where I became indecisive. I painted over the turquoise squares I started on yesterday but now am wondering if I should sand the grey paint a bit then start over. I could re-add the turquoise and maybe use silver for the circle and not white. The white was a bit much. I'll give it some thought then get back to work on my mirror update next weekend.

So these are done... I tweeked the paint on this frame then added a coat of varathane. The frame will be nice in my bedroom along with the mirror. I just need to figure out what to put in the frame!

These look so much better in grey versus gold... And the coat of varathane gave the finish some depth instead of being just a flat, boring grey.

Now I'm pooped... Hope everyone had a great weekend!


My weekend assembly line - day 2

Day 2 of my weekend assembly line has come and gone. Looks like I have another day ahead of me. Day 3 will mainly be adding varathane to 2 projects - the night table and end table updates.

Here's my progress on the night table so far. I painted all of my projects using my new grey paint. I added a subtle shabby chic finish to the night table plus replaced the drawer pull.



Here's the new knob - looking good!

I'm not sure if I'm finished with the end table. I painted it with the grey paint then went to town with the shabby chic finish. It seems a bit boring but I'll decide tomorrow. I'm not keeping either piece so I have to keep that in mind.



The mirror update took a turn - always happens doesn't it? I painted it grey then thought maybe it's a bit drab. I love the details in the wood but maybe I could make the finish look a bit more dramatic or interesting... And very Art Deco-ish.



I grabbed some craft paint and started painting the squares turquoise and the inset circles white. I think I'll go with the turquoise and white detail. I may have to refine the painting but it'll add some colour to my bedroom set.

Then I grabbed this frame I found mid-update and painted it grey... Why not?

Maybe I can find a funky print to go in it or a chalkboard then hang it somewhere! :-)

Oh yeah I painted these grey too... Grey here, grey there, grey EVERYWHERE! Love it!!



What a hectic day of updating! I did manage to stencil some cork too.

Fun times! Spring is coming and I'm gearing up to kick some craft butt!

Nothing like a bit of inspiration

As I get ready to continue on with my 3 furniture updates, this morning I'm working on some stenciling then heading to yoga and then I'm painting!! I picked up some grey paint yesterday, Icon Grey, and can't wait to see how it looks on my night table and mirror updates.

I'm feeling inspired to make stuff and repurpose old, trashy items. When I was on Commercial Drive yesterday to pick up drawer pulls, I nipped into Dream Designs. Dream Designs is one of those places that is great for inspiration. They have clothing, jewelry, home decor, etc - all are well-made, sustainable products.

I love going into stores, seeing something pretty nifty and knowing I could probably make something like it myself. Remember I'm thrifty so really I only buy things that either I'm going to update or that I really like but know I couldn't make myself. I love this felted wool train. This would be a great present for a friend with a new baby.

Or these hand puppets made from recycled wool sweaters... You could really have fun mixing and matching patterns and colours!

Project Update

This morning I stenciled 2 cork boards. I'll glue them to wood panels tonight then they'll be ready to drop off. They're for my friend Kiersten - one says 'ideas' and the other says 'stuff'. I have 6 more cork panels and plan to stencil them for friends. They're fun gifties! And useful!

I also came across these ceramic pieces I bought awhile ago for $1.50/each. I'm going to paint them with the grey paint as well then hang them in my bedroom along with the mirror and some of the frames I added cork board to.


My weekend assembly line - day 1

Day 1 has been productive. I have all of my supplies - new drawer pull, sandpaper, primer and paint. Off-white for the end table and a mid-grey for the night table and mirror. I'm ready!

Today, after picking up furniture and supplies, I sanded each piece and then primed them. The mirror was tricky since I decided to leave the mirror in the frame. I used painter's tape and some flyers to seal the mirror.

Then scraped and sanded the glossy black paint. The paint was pretty easy to scrape off!

The frame is primed and ready for day 2. I'm going to paint this grey and put it up in my bedroom.

The end table and night table required some minor glueing and a bit of sanding. Then I primed them. They're also ready for day 2.

Tomorrow I'll paint each piece then sand them a bit and then add a coat of varathane. I'm excited to see how my updates turn out!!

Now the real fun begins...

Finally it was warm and sunny out! Dare I say spring has arrived... Maybe not since it's supposed to rain for the next few days. But that's OK since it was absolutely gorgeous out today and I painted furniture! Happy day!

Today began with a drawer pull pit stop. I went to Kali Trading on Commercial Drive to pick up the ceramic knob I saw earlier that I now had a use for. Kali Trading has some really kewl home decor stuff and for a reasonable price.

I was tempted to buy more considering all of the things that caught my eye.

Especially the drawer pulls! They had some super interesting ones and they were pretty cheap...

But I refrained and bought these 2 ceramic knobs for $3/each. I only need one but now I have an extra just in case of emergency. What emergency I don't know but I get in the habit of over-buying now instead of under-buying (I had one project which I narrowly finished due to not enough fabric!).

I definitely want to use the ceramic knob for my night table update. I bought this night table from a friend for $10. I knew I had to have it since I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted to update it. I'm going to paint it grey with a slight shabby chic finish and add the swanky ceramic knob.

So after picking up the drawer pulls I then jetted off to the Salvation Army to pick up another project - this $10 end table.

It's in pretty rough shape but I think I can make it pretty!

[ Note: I've been collecting furniture these days - nothing too crazy but I want to have a few pieces in my update arsenal. It's been hard to find furniture that was cheap and worthy of an update! ]

After picking up the end table, I hit the other Salvation Army in North Vancouver and found this mirror for $20.

It's a beautiful mirror with a slight detail in the wood. I'll be repainting this one and keeping it!

So as you can see I've got quite the weekend ahead of me - a night table update, an end table update and a mirror update... And anything else I can get done would be fabulous!


Will spring hurry up & get here?

Wow... I haven't posted on my blog for awhile! 2 weeks have come and gone in a jiffy! I was hoping to get out and update furniture but alas the weather has been cold. Bad conditions for painting to say the least... But I suspect maybe just maybe the weather is turning. It is mid-April - let the warm weather start... Please!

At least my tulips are surviving! These are the planters my Mom spruced up for me. Gotta ♥ having a thoughtful Mom... Makes me soup, cookies and fixes up my planters!

I've been readying myself for warmer weather... Collecting furniture to work on. Today I had a friend over for lunch and she brought these for me. I really think I should keep having people over for lunch/dinner - don't bring wine or flowers but bring some furniture. Is that a lot to ask? :-)

Not sure how to transform these or what to transform them into... I actually don't know what they are to be honest. I'll have to do a quick Google search and see what I'm dealing with! Anyone got some ideas to help me on this update?

Project Update

My princess chair has been delivered... It found the perfect home. This is Tayler - she's quite the lovely little girl.

Hope everyone is happy, healthy and getting crafty! :-)