One easy update, one not so easy update

Not too long ago, I found these 2 uber icky chairs at the Salvation Army. I knew I could make them pretty again so grabbed them and started on my updates.

One of the updates was super straight-forward. I sanded, oiled and then reupholstered. The update didn't take long and didn't cost much either! $10 for the chair and a few bucks for the fabric... So maybe $15 plus a few hours worth of work and I was done!

I might keep this chair to go with another update. I'll post photos of them together this weekend and you can let me know what you think!


The second chair was a little more work - I had a 'vision' for the upholstery that added some extra hours onto this update. I decided I wanted to turn this chair into a princess chair for a little girl - AKA I needed to go with bright, fun colours. I picked up some pink paint, Watermelon was the name, and first refinished the chair.

Next I used some bright green canvas I picked up at the Salvation Army for a few dollars. I then stitched on some felt flowers using my Singer then reupholstered the seat.


The custom upholstery took longer than anticipated but I think added a super happy touch to the final piece. My second update was pretty pricey - $15 for the chair, $10 for the paint and a few dollars for the fabric. In total, the update cost approximately $30 plus labour.


It was so great to work on some furniture updates for a change. Here's hoping I find more furniture to re-love... Maybe there will be some garage sales this weekend that I can check out!

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