How to know if you're a hardcore DIY-er

I realized this past weekend that yes I am hardcore when it comes to DIY-ing... Or should I say upcycling? Repurposing? I think I'm pretty much lovin' all of it. How do I know this? Well here's the top 10 reasons as to why I think I'm hardcore...

Reason #1: I have nails & screws in my purse. The screws are for a chair update that needs screws to adhere the seat to the chair. As soon as I'm close to a hardware store I'm picking up the 4 screws and completing my chair update.

Reason #2: I saw these drawer pulls on a furniture update from Knack Studios and realized I am jealous of them. They are lovely! So really who else but a hardcore DIY-er would have drawer pull envy?!

Reason #3: I'm addicted to searching out inspiration via before and after posts on Better After and Design*Sponge.

Reason #4: I drop by my local thrift shops quite frequently recognizing other regulars and getting friendly with the people who work in them.

Reason #5: I seriously have a deluge of projects on the go... I'm always working on something and am always looking out for kewl pieces to work on.

Reason #6: I've kept a few of my projects but I get rid of most of them in order to make room for more projects. Once I've completed an update, it's gone in a jiffy with another one ready to go.

Reason #7: I get bored doing the same thing over and over and OVER again so I'm always on the hunt for something a bit different or challenging.

Reason #8: I seriously have people at work or friends offering me free stuff. I have a 'reputation'... Yikes! But thank god for people giving me free stuff - I LOVE my free cabinet (thanks Ian!).

Reason #9: Not too many people know what 'upcycling' is... I do! :-)

Reason #10: It's the end of March and I'm pumped about spring because... Garage sale season is gearing up!

That's my list... Anyone have any additions? Can anyone relate?


  1. I can relate to every one. People give me their junk. I am dangerous on trash day. The car is always full of my finds. I am definitely HARDCORE!

  2. That's great!! We are kindred spirits! :-)